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What you need: 

1 plantain (can be made with green ones or ripe ones) per person
salt (to taste--recommended!)

What you do: 

To peal the ripe plantain is very simple: slice down side, and peal a la banana. To peal a green one, I suggest running under really hot water for a few minutes and then slicing down the middle and with the edge of your knife, lifting the skin off little by little. With practice anyone can become an expert green plantain pealer. Then cut the plantain(s) into about 3 inch pieces and boil on high for about 20 min. (with salt--about 2 tsp.) or until the plantain is soft. The ripe one will be softer than the green one, but they will change softness (obviously!).
After they are boiled, drain them and place them in a plate. Take a fork and smush them down. The green ones will be easy to do (if you cooked them sufficiently) and need nothing else. The green one, howe'ver, will need a little of the water it was boiled in to be able to be smushe'd to the best consistency. Both types should resemble the consistancy of mashed potatos. Serve with anything, or eat alone. (Great to eat ripe ones late at night, when its cold, with hot cocoa!) ENJOY! kat

Preparation Time: 
15-20 min
Cooking Time: 
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I love it! Try topping it with caramelized onion and roasted garlic:)


My new comfort food! This is awesome. I wanted to try a plantain recipe that doesn't involve frying, and this is surprisingly tasty. I haven't even added salt (I try to stay away from that too). Dunno what the person with the expletives was smoking =)

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Hi there,
I am from the Dominican Republic and this is a MUST HAVE for us whether for breakfast or dinner.  Now I like to throw in a small potato when boiling the plantain (this makes it tastier and softer), mash them together and put some vegan sour cream with the escabeche and this is a wonderful breakfast and the avocado makes it even better.  This is such a filling breakfast you won't have to snack or even have lunch (at least for me).  Anyway, it is a bummer that not everyone likes the taste of this wonderful veggie and they have to be rude enough not to respect this recipe. Congratulations on a great recipe and thank you for posting it here.  Buen provecho!  Liz

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