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No need for special ingredients, No Bake Cookies!!!

What you need: 

1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons chocolate
1 tablespoon oil
1/2 cup applesauce
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 cups oatmeal

What you do: 

Mix the sugar, oil, chocolate, and applesauce in a sauce pan. Bring to boil over medium heat and let boil 3 minutes.
Turn off the heat and quickly add peanut butter, then oatmeal until fully combined.
Drop by spoonfuls on prepared aluminum foil.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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just made these, the first no bake cookies ive tried. they turned out good. i halved the sugar, and added a half cups of oats in mine. and to avoid having uncooked oats, i used the quick cook kind and kept the pot on the stove and let it cook for about a minute.

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made these with my three year old- and she told me i was her best friend for it- theyve been in the fridge all week and still taste great.


This is my boys favorite cookie!  I used to call them 'haystacks', and the boys renamed them "dirty hays".  I look forward to trying this recipe.


i havent tried this exact recipe, but my grandma used to make these when i was little... she called them "tos cookies"  (top of stove)


OK here's what I did:  I took all the cookies off the pan before they set and threw them back into a pot, mashed them together, added some soy milk and just cooked the mixture a bit more so that the oats were cooked.  Then I spooned them out again, shook a little powdered sugar over them, and put them in the freezer to set.
Much better now, the oats are cooked a bit and they taste yummy!  Just a preference on my part I think, as none of the no-bake cookies call for the oats to be cooked. :D


OK, I couldn't resist and so I just made these, and they are setting as we speak, but I dunno.....the chewiness of the uncooked oats somehow just seems not right.  Although I appreciate the sweetness (good lord the sweetness!!!), I think I'll try it with meusli next time, as thats crunchier and doesn't need to be cooked like oats, and just a weensy bit less sugar.

But I def will be making these again!!!  Thanks!


No I can't say that I have. Just looking from the recipe I guessed it was like Divinity, which is kind of like this except it uses egg whites which, when I wasn't vegan, I really enjoyed. I'll have to give these a try though!


nono its no bake cookies! have you never had them!?!?


That sounds like candy, not cookies. Divinity is made similarly.


ctel, i would guess cocoa powder seeing how there is a cup of sugar in them! not sure exactly what "powdered chocolate" is otherwise (a bar of sweetened chocolate busted to dust in a blender?). i've made similar recipes and they use cocoa.



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