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Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

What you need: 

1 cup sushi rice
furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), to taste, optional
bean sprouts, thinly diced, to taste
1 cucumber, thinly sliced and diced
nori seaweed, to taste

What you do: 

1. Cook the rice after directions on the package, let it cool a bit, but not completely. If you like, mix with furikake.
2. Make sure to always have a bowl of water next to you while forming the onigiri (otherwise the rice will only stick to your hands). Take a handful rice and make a mold. Put the veggies into it and form balls or small triangles.
3. At the end, wrap with a small leaf of nori. Tastes best cold.

Preparation Time: 
apart from cooking the rice, maybe 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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You can try this without the furikake, it's good as well, though furikake adds that little special something  ;)


furikake is a mixture of ground seaweed, sugar, salt, sesame seeds, and sometimes ground fishy stuff, egg and or vegies that is sprinkled on rice to add should be able to get it at any asian food store in many varieties... though it is hard to tell if it is a vagan one as the writing is usually in Japanese... or you can just add your own flavours... I have not made these particular ones, but when making onigiri, I usually add sesame seeds, celtic sea salt, and finely chopped seaweed... sometimes even a sprinkle of ground nuts..


I want to try this. However, I don't know if I could get the furikake seasoning. I don't know even what it is. Does anyone know if it will work if I just use regular sushi vinegar to flavor the rice? Just using plain rice seems a bit bland to me.


I think I will begin to make this atleast once a month. How simple and delicious!


I'm currently refrigerating the rice, and can't wait to make it and see what it tastes like!

I think I added a bit too much avocado, because it turned light green, but I did a little taste-test and it was wonderful

I used a sushi rice recipe from elsewhere that required sesame seeds already, so I didn't use the ones called for in this recipe, but I don't like sesame seeds that much anyway...

This was a perfect recipe, because I had all the ingredients I needed left over from making sushi last night :)

This seems like a great bag-lunch item

Anyway, I've always wanted to try onigiri, being somewhat of an anime otaku, so this is perfect!

Thank you!


These are so good.  Filling, comfort-y, and just the size to eat out of hand.  Great lunchbox food.  I like to stick a little strip of nori seaweed to them so that I have an un-sticky part to hold them by. 

If you do an Internet search for onigiri molds, you will find wonderful, reusable plastic rice-shaping tools.  You simply put the rice (and any fillings you want) into the molds and squish the lid onto them, and they turn out frighteningly perfect.

I'm into spicy food, and love to sneak a spicy filling into the middle (it has to be mostly dry or it leaks and makes the rice want not to hold together).  If you like kimchi, it's good squeezed mostly dry, chopped fine, and stuffed into the middle, too.


cute picture  ;D
the Japanese really make it an art to decorate their food, a friend of mine bought a whole book on that topic, it's amazing how skilled they are  ;)
Keep on practising the forming (my triangles are now perfect ^^)



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