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Peanut butter and Pickle sandwich

What you need: 

2 slices bread
peanut butter, to taste
1 pickle (sliced thin, long ways)

What you do: 

1. Spread peanut butter on vegan bread.
2. Place sliced pickles on vegan bread.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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I had a PB&Rasberry Jam&Crunchy Zesty Dill pickle sandwich and it's one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.


I am so happy to find a community of people who find this combination attractive.  When I was younger, my brother and I would compete to see who could create the worst sandwich combination.  However, mine was actually good - I used peanut butter, sweet pickles and sharp cheddar cheese (though a nice vegan slice will work equally as well).  Unfortunately, my brother won the competition with the horrific salami, onion and peanut butter sandwich  :)


I've never had this before.. but I'm suddenly craving it. I can't wait to try it!


Oh yes, PB and dill pickles...the sharp of the dill and vinegar offsets the sweet PB to perfection. Maybe a little lettuce in there too, for the crunch. My childhood!


Is this for real? PB and pickles...together?! Okay, I'm going to try this for lunch tomorrow. I'm worried about it, but I gotta take the plunge...


I was always scared to try this, because I love PB and I love pickles, and a bad experience would have resulted in acquired taste aversion for both! But, I'm eating one right now, and have been eating them incessantly for the last month. I make mine with whole wheat bread, crunchy peanut butter, and the thin-sliced dill sandwich stackers. The first thing you taste is the salty-sour crunch of the pickle and you're like, Whoa! Pickle! Ack! Then the PB smooth sweetness comes immediately to the tastebud rescue and the combination is sweet with a salty, vinegar-y bite. Mmmm. It's good witha cold glass of  vanilla rice milk! If B&G pickles are sold in your area, I highly recommend those. Vlasic aren't briney enough. Mmm, I love eating sandwiches that scare people.


Alright... but what kinda pickle? I like my pb&p with a nice crunchy dill ;) pickle on pumpernickle bread but I could see the allure of a nice sweet pickle on here too! Or maybe a layer of pickle relish (this comes in both dill and sweet) of course that might decrease the desired crunch. Hmmm... anyway just glad to see I'm not the the only one who craves these sometimes!


A peanut butter and pickle sandwich might sound a little bit on the weird side; howe'ver, it can easily satisfy a hungry stomach in the middle of the afternoon.  The only way you would turn down this sandwich is if you have never tried it.  Once you have tried it, you will fall in love and enjoy this great snack.
This sandwich is not only delectable, but it is also very easy to make.  The desired amount of peanut butter can be spread on the bread and the pickle can be cut in half to use the right amount of each ingredient.  This way the perfect sandwich will be made every time.  Your mouth will water just looking at it.  It is at the top of the greatest snacks made
This sandwich might not look the most satisfying; the pickle in the middle might turn a lot of people away from it because they don’t think that the sour flavor will taste good in the sandwich.  Howe'ver, the crunchy pickle compliments the taste of the peanut butter sandwich and makes it taste even better. 
Once you try this sandwich and give it a chance, you will agree that it is one of the best sandwiches.  The crunchy, sour pickle perfectly compliments the peanut butter sandwich.  If you are in a hurry and only have a couple minutes to grab something to eat, this sandwich is perfect because it is easy to make.  It is a great snack anytime, and a lot healthier than potato chips. 
Everyone known that has tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich has liked it.  It is a great thing to go out on a limb and try.  The sour, crunchy, creamy, and peanut butter tastes and textures fit so well together.  It satisfies all taste buds. 



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