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"Pigs" in a blanket

What you need: 


Crescent Rolls (I used Pillsbury Reduced fat)

Your choice of vegan hot dogs

Dipping sauce(optional)


What you do: 


Pre heat oven to about 350*. Open the hot dogs and crescent rolls, I cut the hot dogs into thirds, same with the crescent rolls. Roll the hot dogs into the crescent rolls ten put in oven for about 10-15minutes depending on your oven. Let them cool then serve with your favorite sauce, I used ketchup. These can be put into a microwave, but I haven't tried it yet, if someone does let me know how it goes!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
15 mintues
Recipe Category: 


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Oh yeah! I love this one. Pork is my favorite meat. It is so tasty and it got no bones like chicken. It is a pure meat. Thank you for this hot recipe. I made this last week for my family reunion. They are all surprised by my cooking. They said they loved it!!!
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