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Rain's Bowl of Red

What you need: 
All amounts are flexible.

  1 medium-small onion
  1 rib celery
  2 ripe medium tomatoes
  Enough good saltfree or low-salt vegetable stock for processing
More vegetable stock
1 pkg pinto beans, precooked about 2/3 done, drained
3/4 c bulghur 
3/4 c TVP, plain granules, reconstituted with water
2 small or one large bay leaf
8 or 9 good hearty splashes of mushroom soy sauce
  -=OR=- same am't regular soy sauce and a minced shiitake mushroom
About 1/2 c. FRESHLY MADE, NON-INSTANT black coffee
1 or 2 level tsp. peanut butter
Minced cayennes or serranos
One minced ancho
One minced habanero
LOTS of good chili powder, preferably saltfree (the soy sauce 
            adds a good deal of salt)
3 cloves garlic
1-2 Tbsp. paprika
2 Tbsp. olive oil
Black pepper
What you do: 
Blenderize first four ingredients. Add all the rest.
In a kettle, simmer till beans are tender, stirring occasionally from the bottom. Watch liquid level and do not allow to scorch!  
Or in a crockpot, cook 2-3 hours on High and then overnight on Low, stirring from the bottom as you lower the heat.  
Serve with crackers (or if you must, pasta) and beer or toe-curling cowboy coffee. Recipe by Rain Adkins--please don't remove sourcetag!
How hungry are ya?
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