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Raw Brownies!

What you need: 

1 cup ground pecans
1 cup dates (not soaked)
1/4 heaping cup cocao powder
1 heaping teaspoon agave nectar Icing:
1 tablespoon coconut oil or coconut butter
1 tablespoon avocado (optional)
1 tablespoon agave
1/2 tablespoon cocao powder

What you do: 

1) Process the brownie ingredients. Press into a pan or bowl.
2) Now process icing ingredients. If you use the coconut oil right out of the jar (firm) it should get very creamy in your food processor. If you do it by hand, warm up the oil jar in a bowl of water and use it in liquid form.
3) Spread frosting onto brownies and refrigerate for at least ten minutes. Slice and enjoy!
Source of recipe: I came up with this recipe after a few tries.

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
2 to 4
Recipe Category: 


awesome recipe thanks for making it!
Definitely a go-to recipe when im craving chocolate!
Sometime I roll them into balls then in powdered sugar or coconut! yum! :D


I apologize for using this recipe's page to post this, but I can find no other place to put my msg....i am very much trying to see the new recipe for "raw ice cream sandwiches," but it does not "allow" me to see this post...can anyone help me with this as i am highly interested in that recipe??????

on another note, these raw brownies, and many other raw recipes, are wonderful!  thanks!


I have to admit that I'm usually a bit sceptical about raw food...
But yesterday I went to a raw and vegan potluck with those brownies.
They were all gone in a few minutes!
I think that it was the best dessert  ;)b


oh my goodness i have died and gone to heaven!! Im so glad we can have something so healthy and wonderful!!! XD


Do I use a cup of nuts then grind that into a powder or grind the nuts into a powder then use a cup of that?


I made a version of these very similar to this but the frosting made a bigger batch and looked just like glossy homemade frosting. I added a pinch of cinnamon to both brownie and good! I have been thinking about making them without icing and adding dried cherries.


I used raw almonds instead and these were so delicious! My cheap blender wouldn't puree them fully, so I made them into candies for my friend's birthday. Just formed 'um into balls, melted some rich, ancho chile infused, dark chocolate, rolled them in it, and put them in the fridge to set a few minutes. I'm not raw, but I loved this recipe since it has dates (so very tasty), and no flour which is awsome as I'm gluten and wheat free. Such sinful yumminess!


It is  is runny at first, since it is melted, but when you refrigerate the pan, it firms to an icing consistency. Similar to when you make raw cakes, how you add melted coconut oil, then after you refrigerate or freeze, it turns the pudding type filling firm. I really want to try the almond idea! Yum!


I am in love with these brownies.

I used sliced almonds instead of pecans.  My icing was very runny, so I drizzled over top of the brownies just as a garnish.  Next time I would use much less oil.  Picture to come soon!



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