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Stuffed Peppers

What you need: 

8 large chili peppers
2 cups rice
2 tablespoon Creole spices
1 small onion
1 1/2 cups mixed frozen veggies

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Cut tops off peppers and take seeds out. Place peppers on a tray and roast about 30 minutes.
2. Cook rice according to package directions, with onion, creole spice, and frozen veggies. Add a little extra water.
3. When peppers and rice are done, take peppers out of the oven and stuff with the rice and serve. Yummy.
The leftovers make a great lunch too.'

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


Problem: in spain we don´t have creolan spices  >:( so does anyone have any suggestions which could be used instead?
thanks in advance, would really looove to try this recipe!


i had a bunch of different kinds of leftover rice in my fridge, so i used that to make this.. wild rice, pearl barley, and jasmine rice mixed together to get the amount in the recipe..

i didnt have any frozen veggies, so i just used a bunch of fresh ones cut up into small chunks.. i used eggplant, carrot, caribbean seasoning pepper, and cabbage..

i also have a bunch of leftover lentil sausage i made that ive been trying to use up, so i threw in a handful of that too..

since all my ingredients were cold, i just stuffed a raw green pepper cut in half with the mixed up filling and baked it wrapped in foil for the 30 mins @ 400F..

they turned out wonderful! super easy and very filling.. i served it with a little side salad coated in tahini lime dressing i made

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