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Vegan Fried Chicken

What you need: 

1/2 cup hot water
1 tablespoon vegan "chicken" bouillon powder
1/2 cup textured soy protein
1/2 cup vegan pancake mix, dry
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
other seasonings, to taste
2/3 cup crushed cornflakes
oil for frying

What you do: 

1. Put hot water in a bowl. Stir in bouillon powder. Soak textured soy protein in this liquid for 10 minutes.
2. Mix just enough pancake mix in with the textured soy to make a cohesive mixture that can be formed into patties. Mix in salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you want to use.
3. Put crushed cornflakes in a plate. Dip patties into cornflakes, covering them completely.
4. Heat some oil on medium heat in a heavy frying pan. Fry patties in oil until crispy, turning occasionally.
Serve with a creamy sauce, and mashed or oven-fried potatoes.'

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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This was very good....had it with Oyster Mushroom gravy....very nice taste and texture!  It surprised me (pleasantly) after I read some of the reviews...Thanks for this recipe!!


Yummy had this yesterday with mash and "I can't believe it's vegan gravy" with green salad. After frying it I put in oven at 150 degree Celsius and fan baked it. I liked my chicken dry and chewy when I was an omnivore and this satisfied the same craving lol


i was a little skeptical, it seemed too easy to be true, but low and behold it was SO GOOD! i doubled the recipe since we like to EAT and it was perfect! ;)b


I was so disappointed in this recipe...I read so many reviews that were positive. Weird texture, so-so taste, and I even added some poultry seasoning to the mix. I baked it...maybe better fried? At least my garlic mashed potatoes and carrots from my garden were tasty..


This was great and easy to make~
I'm thinking this will be fun to change up the spices and flavouring each time i make it  :)>>>
Thank you!


SO GOOD!!!!!!

I made this for dinner tonight and the kids are in heaven!


Wow. That was a homerun! I followed the instructions completely, except that I put them in the oven at 400F for 20 minutes. I served them with mashed potatoes and green beans. I now have a case of The Itis. Thanks Deborah!


:( I'm a new vegan (3 weeks) and this site has kept me going! I cook something from here every day and have loved everything - the melty mock cheese sauce, general tsao's tofu, much more. A whole new world. Until this. This one almost sent me to McDonalds. Fortunately I have some hummus and salad and a bottle of wine here so I won't do anything drastic. But I did notice, the people who most loved this haven't had real fried chicken for a long time. I remember friend chicken..maybe in 5 years this will taste great.  Now? Hello salad.


I made this recipe last night using fresh mashed potatoes and it didn't go so well. They fell apart in the oil and even baking them in the oven couldn't encourage them to stay in one piece. However, they tasted so good (too salty, but good) that I decided to give it another try for lunch today. I used flour and baking powder (and I omitted all salt) instead of mashed potatoes and added one egg replacer and WOW are they good! I fried them this time around, but I'll have to start baking them from now on because I know I'll be eating this A LOT and I try to avoid fried food. I can't wait for my boyfriend to try these, but he'll have to wait until the next time I make them because there certainly won't be any to share today!
10 stars :)


This was very yummy. It was reminiscent of a chicken croquette without, of course, the chicken.

Finally, I have a use for Textured Soy Protein.

My mods (ala blueskygirl and caribnveg and myself) which made my version NON-VEGAN:

    1 C TVP
    1 C Organic Vegetable broth
    1/2 C mashed potato mix (Mary Lee instant mashed potato flakes)
    1/2 C pancake mix (mine was Arrowhead Mills Buttermilk)
    1 Egg
    Crushed Blue Corn tortilla chips
    Spices (I'm a spice whore): Cayenne, Garlic Powder,smoked paprika, onion powder, sea salt, Basil, Herb de provence

Hella tasty!



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