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Vegan Fried Chicken

What you need: 

1/2 cup hot water
1 tablespoon vegan "chicken" bouillon powder
1/2 cup textured soy protein
1/2 cup vegan pancake mix, dry
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
other seasonings, to taste
2/3 cup crushed cornflakes
oil for frying

What you do: 

1. Put hot water in a bowl. Stir in bouillon powder. Soak textured soy protein in this liquid for 10 minutes.
2. Mix just enough pancake mix in with the textured soy to make a cohesive mixture that can be formed into patties. Mix in salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you want to use.
3. Put crushed cornflakes in a plate. Dip patties into cornflakes, covering them completely.
4. Heat some oil on medium heat in a heavy frying pan. Fry patties in oil until crispy, turning occasionally.
Serve with a creamy sauce, and mashed or oven-fried potatoes.'

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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can these be baked or made in a non-stick pan instead of fried? 


I loved the flavor (added ketchup and lots of spices), but I didn't get the texture right. I followed the directions, but I 1) subbed potato flakes for the pancake mix and 2) pan-fried rather than baked. Perhaps those were the culprits. Either way, it didn't hold its shape once I bit into it. I know, that's asking a lot, and my homemade black bean burgers don't hold their shape, either. But from the reviews, it sounded like this was a magical patty solution.

Have any of you had any luck in making this a patty that holds together?

I'm thinking of adding an egg replacer and maybe using one of those plastic patty-makers to make it a bit firmer. And maybe frying it.

Any other ideas?


Made this for dinner tonight, I had to add some olive oil in order to make the nuggets stick together. They taste pretty good even though I added way too much salt. I'll break them apart and put them in a gravy over some brown rice, hopefully that will kill the salty taste. I'll try to make these again :D


delicious! I followed the recipe!  ;D


hi.  i made this recipe for the second time today, and it turned out much better, no crumbles!   the first time i tried using mashed potatoes, as suggested by fellow review-ers, but that was strange and would not form.  this time i used pancake mix and it turned out wonderful (not pancakey, as i thought it might).  i also figured out that oiling my fingers before touching the mix helped prevent a sticky, crumbly mess.

also, i got five patties out of this recipe.

tastes great (and is so much cheaper than the store-bought "chicken" patties)!  thanks for the recipe!


I used mashed potatoes instead of pancake mix but I think I added too much because it was pretty mushy.  I added bread crumbs to try and firm it up and that helped a little.  Then I dipped them in flour, soy milk and bread crumbs to give them a better chance of holding together.  They tasted good, but I bit too much like potatoes and too mushy on the inside.  It was my first attempt with tvp and all in all it wasn't bad. 


Delicious!  My variation consisted of using veggie boullion, poultry seasoning, red pepper (ground), garlic powder, parsley flakes,  and pancake mix for the middle.  I coated the nuggets with matzo meal.  I baked them at 350 for 1/2 hr, maybe a little more.  Then, I served them with steamed kale and mashed potatoes with the mushroom gravy found here  It ROCKED.  Will make again.


i tried making this recipe, and used fresh mashed potatoes instead of the pancake mix. it seemed to work out pretty well, although it didn't hold together quite as well as i had hoped.  i decided to try and use my patties for chicked parmesan, and they became totally mushy in the sauce. would have been much better as a burger or something i think.


thanks for the recipe.  i've never used tvp before, but it's awesome.  the potato variation was really crumbly, and fried was greasssssy, so i think i'll start baking this dish.  but it's so fantastic, it's been a while since i've made a family-style meal and fried 'chicken' took me back to when mom used to make the real thing.


I am not so sure about TVP.  I got the dry stuff and soaked it just like the recipie described but TVP has this smell, smells like dog food.  Am I not getting the right TVP?  I got mine in a bag at Whole Foods.  I also used real mashed potatoes instead of pancake mix and that was nasty, turned out pasty.  What did I do wrong?  I think that I will try again and use something other than mashed potatoes.



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