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Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce

What you need: 

2-3 Tablespoons pickled Jalapeno peppers, diced
1/4-1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/2 small onion, minced
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
all purpose flour
soy milk (water can be substituted for a healthier alternative)
salt and pepper to taste

What you do: 

This recipe is perfect for as a dip or spread on toast with tomato soup!
Begin by draining your pickled jalapeno peppers. I like to use Vlassic that comes in a glass jar. Mince the jalapeno pieces and onion and set aside.
In a saucepan, heat up your oil on medium/high heat. After a few minutes, carefully add your jalapenos, red pepper flakes, onions, and a pinch or two of salt. Stir rapidly until onions appear translucent, but be careful not to let anything burn!
Once onions are soft, turn heat down to low and stir in enough flour so that you have a solid, but not dry and crumbly mixture. Let this "roux" cook for a few minutes.
Next, wisk in a little water or soy milk at a time, making sure to get rid of any lumps. The amount of liquid you add is up to you, depending on the consistency you need. Once you have reached the desired consistency, add more salt (if necessary) and pepper to taste.
Can be served hot or cold, as a dip, sauce, spread-- it even makes a killer mac and "cheese" sauce!!

Preparation Time: 
30 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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I had everything to make this on hand, and after I looked at it I could not stop thinking about it, so i broke down and made some.

I did change a few things, I did not use oil, i used butter. I also used a fresh Jalapeno pepper, one clove or garlic and  I want to say I used about 1/3 cup of flour. could not tell you how much butter or soy milk i used. It turned out OK. I think it could be much better though, I want to see how it taste with liquid smoke and maybe nooch. I also put a few dashes of hot sauce in it to give it some more flavor, I might have needed more soy milk in it cause it just tasted a bit like flour until i added that to it.  I am going to mess around with it a bit more and will post what i do it get it 100% perfect.


Oh yum yum yum!  This was delicious!  I ended using about a half cup of flour and one cup of soymilk and achieved a somewhat thick, spreadable consistency.  I did add a couple dashes of nutritional yeast and next time I make it I will use less jalapenos - I love spicy but it was a bit too much.  These would be great in an enchilada recipe.  My bf and I ate this with tomato slices on sandwiches.  Thanks for this recipe ;)b


THis sounds darn freakin' good! I gotta try this! And no nooch! Woohoo!  :)

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