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Vegetarian Bahn Xeo

What you need: 

1 part coconut milk
2 parts rice flour
3-4 parts water
shredded vegetables, such as carrot, mushroom, daikon, scallions, etc.
lettuce leaves
fresh basil, cilantro, and bean sprouts, optional
vegetable oil

What you do: 

This is almost like making an omelet and servings should be sized about the same.
Sautee shredded veggies over medium high heat until they just begin to soften.
While veggies are sauteing, combine coconut milk, rice flour, water and enough turmeric to make the batter a pale yellow. It should be about as thick as crepe batter.
Pour batter over veggies and turn heat down to medium.
When the batter has set and it begins to brown on the bottom, loosen the sides with a rubber spatula (use a heat proof one! lol) and flip over in half onto a plate, just like an omelet. This takes some practice so it might be good to start with a small skillet and work your way up.
You can fill the inside with bean sprouts if you like, but I normally don't. Serve it with lettuce leaves and fresh herbs, and wrap pieces in the lettuce leaves as you eat them. Ginger infused soy sauce makes a good dip, though I think traditionally this would be served with a fish sauce (yuck!).

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Wow!! I loved everything about this recipe!! It was so easy, it took no time at all. Also my family loved it including my 3 yr. old. Thanks, can't wait to make it again.


A part is however much you want it to be, it makes it easier to increase or decrease the serving size, just use equal measurements for each part and you'll be fine.
To get 6 crepes I use a 1/2 C part, so 1/2 C coconut milk, 1 c Rice flour, and 1 1/2-2 C water, that serves 2-3 people.


This looks scrumptious. How much is a part?


I am going to try this.  I think I'll add a dash of some good, mild curry powder I have that makes things taste slightly eggy...unless you use too much. 

I can't wait to try this.


I've had it with lots of sauces when I 've eaten it out, sweet chili sauce and ginger sauce are my favorites.

The one in the picture is just some ginger, soysauce, and mirin wizzed in the blender but do experiment!

The batter isn't very eggy tasting so I don't know how good of an okonomiyaki sub it will make, but do let me know :)


I looks really good!  What kind of sauce do you recommend?  There is sauce in your picture but not in your recepe!


Vegan okonomiyaki! That's brilliant. For anyone who wants to try it, the special sweet soy sauce that goes with it can be bought in Japanese groceries, but it some brands contain dashi (fish broth). You can make your own approximation by thinning ketchup with soy sauce and adding a little sweetener--it should be sweet, tangy, and salty. There are lots of ways to make okonomiyaki, but here's one method: sautee some shredded cabbage in a pan. Push it into a pile about the size of a pancake. Ladle some of this bahn xeo egg substitute batter over the cabbage. When it's firm enough, flip it over to brown the other side. Turn it onto a plate (leave it flat--don't fold it in half). Spread it with some sauce and some vegan mayo, then sprinkle it with toasted nori flakes. It will look most authentic if you put the sauce and mayo into squirt bottles so you can squeeze them in a zig-zag pattern on the top. Amandabrooke, do you know another method? Please post it! :)


mmmmm, this reminds me a lot of Japanese Okonomiyaki!!!  Can't wait to try it!!  There, they topped it with sweet soy sauce, and mayonnaise, so I'll try something similar.  Thanks for this!!!



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