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Vegetarian Sushi

What you need: 

1 cup uncooked white rice
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoon salt
nori seaweed, as needed
soy sauce, to taste
wasabi, to taste

What you do: 

1. Cook the rice according to package directions. Mix vinegar, vegan sugar and salt in separate bowl.
2. Mix vinegar mixture into the cooked rice.
3. Wrap the rice with the nori. Mix soy sauce and wasabi, and use as dipping sauce.
You can also wrap up vegetables with the rice. Avocado, cooked asparagus, cucumber, thin carrot slices, and ginger taste good with this. These ingredients can all be found at an Asian food store.

Preparation Time: 
a few minutes
Cooking Time: 
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some questions, does anyone have tips on how to make those sushi rolls with sesame seedson the outside instead of nori? (im not a huge fan of the nori texture). also, how do you get the rice to be so sticky like in the restaraunts? does this only work with "sushi rice", or with other rice? i even got a rice cooker a while ago, it cooks rice well, but it never gets quite sticky enough! any help? sushi is quite new to me.


i like to make my sushi with cucumber, avocado, green onions, and mango slivers.  the interplay that the mango (i use pineapple too sometimes) has with the veggies and the ginger soy sauce I  make  is amazing...


My favorite sushi roll is with cucumber, avocado and asparagus. I can't wait to try it with this recipe. Thanks!


Thank you for this recipe. I have now learned that it is actually possible to have too much sushi..ughh.. lol ;D


yum, can't wait to try this. I make sushi without the little bamboo mat; just pretend like your rolling a really big, um, cigarrette. ;)
Also, what I do with the rice, is after I add the vinegar & sugar, I stir the rice with one hand whilst simultaneously fanning it with a  fan (like the ones you see the Japanese ladies demurely hiding their faces with). A manila folder works nice as a fan. I know that sounds kinda wierd, but it works excellent and you don't have to wait to let it cool.


I usually make sushi with a mix of brown and basmati rice... it is a little different, but great taste! You just need to cook them separately, or use quick cook brown rice... I fill with Avocado, cucumber, beets, red bell pepper, lettuce, garlic, itty bit of chopped fresh chili, and I spread a little of ABC Spread (almond, brazil and cashew nuts made ito a spread) on the rice...a fav of my hubby...


Once the rice is cooked, you need to put it in a big bowl where it will be easy for you to stir it thoroughly.  From there, put the rice vinegar in and stir for several minutes until you are sure it is absorbed and even throughout.  Leave it to cool for 15 minutes and come back to it and stir again.  Continue until the rice has cooled, and then wrap up the sushi.  This is the method I followed for sushi rice at an Asian vegetarian restaurant I used to work at, cooled rice is essential to it sticking properly.  You must also make sure to use a bit of rice starch on the seaweed to seal the roll properly.  Just take a fingerful of rice and smush it along the edge.


I was so excited to try this recipe but I don't know what happened.  I guess it went all wrong!!  :(  Are you supposed to wait until the rice has cooled to add the rice vinegar etc..?  I added it right after it was cooked and it turned sloppy and was way too difficult to roll... Am I missing something?  I neeeeeeeed help!


A combination of thinly-sliced cucmbers, carrots, and bell peppers is very good with sushi

I made it last night, and it was excellent

Also, you can use brown rice, which is healthier, but it doesn't stick as well...


I always double roll these. As in, I roll it first like inside-out California rolls, and then roll an extra sheet of nori on the outside. I always thought it looked better, or maybe I just like nori...

I used carrot, daikon, and green bean. Mmm.



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