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York-A-Like Peppermint Patties

What you need: 

1/3 cup corn syrup
1/4 cup vegan margarine spread, softened (I use Earth Balance whipped)
1-1/2 teaspoons peppermint oil or extract, or to taste (I use more)
4-3/4 cups powdered sugar
1 (12-ounce) bag chocolate or carob chips

What you do: 

1. In a bowl, combine syrup, margarine, and peppermint; whip with an electric mixer. Add sugar by the cup while mixing. You should end up with a crumbly, sort of dry bowl of stuff.
2. Pick up a small handful of stuff and start to press it into shape. The size you want is up to you. They are so rich that smaller is better. This process is a lengthy one. It's easiest to use a cookie sheet covered with wax paper/plastic wrap to place them on.
3. Melt the chips until creamy and stir-able. Take it off the heat so it doesn't burn.
4. Coat the patties with the chocolate. This is the messy part and I haven't found an alternative way without special equipment. None the less a fun awesome recipe to do alone or with family.

Preparation Time: 
1 to 2 hours
Cooking Time: 
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The filling sounds alot like these homemade chocolate covered cherries I used to make.
With those I used almond extract and you use the white stuff to coat marachino cherries - on the stem worked best chill them for several hours then dip them in melted then refridgerate them for one week then take them outta the fridge for 2 more weeks and let the centers liquify.
THEN you can eat them.
Sounds like a lot of work but they are worth it!


Wow! These are just like york peppermint patties!  Those were one of my favorite candies and I never dreamed of being able to make them from scratch!
The dough was a little tough for my hand mixer to take.  The last couple cups of sugar were a bit tough to incorporate.  Kneading it like bread dough worked well.  It also was a lot easier to work with chilled. 
These were a ton of work.... but well worth it!  I know these are going to become my xmas tradition! (they are a little too much work for me to make more than once a year!)

Also, i divided up the dough and used some food coloring to make them red and green patties!


I seriously don't think I can ever make these again!  They are way to yummy! :D I followed the recipe exactly except for the peppermint extract..I added 1 full tablespoon.  Everyone in my family loves them and can't stop eating them.  I think I am going to send the rest to work with my husband tomorrow so they won't be in the house..his co-workers will be thrilled. ;D


these look very tasty, i think i will make them for christmas! little leaf-shaped mint ones with green centres, heart shaped cherry (berry?) with red colour, maybe a white one with vanilla or almond? hmm. this sounds super easy to play around with...i will post pix soon!


Coating tips from a chocolatier:

1) Temper your chocolate by warming it on a very low heat, just until it's mostly melted. If you heat it till it's all melted, it will go out of temper and you'll have to deal with warming and cooling it. The sweet spot is between 98 and 96 degrees.
2) If you put the peppermint discs into the freezer or fridge to set up, don't coat them while they're cold. The cold from the patties will shock the chocolate.
3) Rather than coat one at a time, which takes forever, put the whole lot onto a cooling tray over a cookie sheet and go Jackson Pollock with a squeeze bottle full of the chocolate. The leftover chocolate will run onto the cookie sheet, which you can then use to coat the other side.
4) You can set up chocolate in the fridge, but it will take on a much nicer sheen and crisp bite if you let it set on the counter. With chocolate, patience is rewarded.

Hope that helps, this is an awesome recipe!


Oh, I also added a smidge of peppermint oil to the chocolate I made to mask the hint of coconut from the oil--worked like a charm!


These are fantastic!!! I made them for someone with a soy allergy, so these are the subs I made:

*subbed coconut oil for margarine
*made my own chocolate sauce following the recipe posted in the first review: approx. 10 T cacao powder, 3.5 T coconut oil, 8 T sugar, and about 7 T water

They turned out great! I also dusted the tops with some cacao powder and they look like fancy truffles. I'll post a picture when they get done in the freezer. Thanks so much for the recipe! They will make a wonderful gift!


This sounds amazing. Like others have said I don't need any more sugar than I already have. Thanks a lot. Happy thanks giving


you can make your own double boiler by putting one saucepan on top of the other (so the rim of the bottom one is supporting the top one). put some water in the bottom one (it doesn't matter how much - half full or less will create enough steam) and let it boil, and put the chocolate in the top one. you still have to watch the chocolate and stir it, but it's not likely to burn because of the space between the it and the heat source. hope this helps!


hello everyone!
i am a true amateur when it comes to baking and am wondering if you could give me tips for melting the chocolate/carob.  i unfortunately don't have a double broiler or a microwave and already scorched one batch of chips and don't want to make the same mistake again.  please help!  (i'm soo close to completing this recipe)  thanks!!



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