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York-A-Like Peppermint Patties

What you need: 

1/3 cup corn syrup
1/4 cup vegan margarine spread, softened (I use Earth Balance whipped)
1-1/2 teaspoons peppermint oil or extract, or to taste (I use more)
4-3/4 cups powdered sugar
1 (12-ounce) bag chocolate or carob chips

What you do: 

1. In a bowl, combine syrup, margarine, and peppermint; whip with an electric mixer. Add sugar by the cup while mixing. You should end up with a crumbly, sort of dry bowl of stuff.
2. Pick up a small handful of stuff and start to press it into shape. The size you want is up to you. They are so rich that smaller is better. This process is a lengthy one. It's easiest to use a cookie sheet covered with wax paper/plastic wrap to place them on.
3. Melt the chips until creamy and stir-able. Take it off the heat so it doesn't burn.
4. Coat the patties with the chocolate. This is the messy part and I haven't found an alternative way without special equipment. None the less a fun awesome recipe to do alone or with family.

Preparation Time: 
1 to 2 hours
Cooking Time: 
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Really good. i made one batch.. and i must have messed up somewhere added too much of somthing came out waaayy sticky and not soft and crumbely so i redid it and it came out great. i say add way more peppermint but you may need to add more powder sugar....Also. i think you should chill it for 20 minutes to make it less sticky. roll into small bite size balls. i think smaller is better though it takes more time. then chill again for 20 minutes and roll them in a spoon and the melted chocolate like it was a trufl. then i put mine back into the fridge. also do it on wax or parchment paper...


I just made a whole bunch of these for Xmas presents last weekend, and I'm going to make a whole bunch more this weekend!!  Thank you so much for the recipe, it is perfect!  I'm going to experiment with using orange and strawberry essence in place of the peppermint essence, to make strawberry and orange fondat centres!!

I found that cooling the mixture, and then forming slightly flattened ball shapes, letting them cool again, and then making sure that the chocolate was slightly cooled after melting helped make the coating in chocolate easier.  I used toothpicks - one to hold the fondant mixture, and one to gently push the pattie off the other when it was completely coated in chocolate.  Admittedly, this left a little hole in the centre of the pattie, but you can fill that in with a drip of chocolate, or leave it 'cos it definitely shows that they were home made!!


It seemed not to work fine.

I meant it seemed TO work fine!


This is a great recipe as long as you leave it alone!  I tried to substitute Erythitol for half of the powdered sugar and it didn't work.  I did okay with the substitution of brown rice syrup for corn syrup though.  Perhaps if I would have ran the Erythitol through the food processor with some corn starch it would have been better.  ???  I did taste the recipe before my sugar substitutions and it was fantastic.  If you're watching your calories, just make half a batch instead of subbing ingredients.


Also, I didn't use a mixer because we don't have one.  This was fine for the first 2 cups of powdered sugar.
After that, it became difficult.  For the last 1 3/4 cup, I kneeded it like bread dough.  It seemed not to work fine.

Like I said, these turned out amazing!!

Oh, and it seems that the peppermint mixture will stay pretty well for a bit (its been a few hours so far and hasn't seemed to separate or anything... so you can probably coat the patties in batches. :-))


This is an awesome recipe!  I used 3 tsps peppermint oil.
It worked great!!  But, it does take a while to coat the patties...

I didn't use chocolate chips.
Instead, I used 9 tbsps cocoa powder, 7 tbsps sugar, 3 tablespoons margarine (best if at least some of it is melted first), and about 4 or 5 tbsps water
All heated in a saucepan.

That amount covered about 2/3 of the peppermint mixture...
And, it was about all I could do in one sitting.  Needed a break!!!



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