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Your Favorite Sugar Scrub

What you need: 

table sugar
liquid of your choice (olive oil, water, etc.)

What you do: 

Dry skin is an unfortunate fact of life. Instead of spending $10 or $20 on a name-brand sugar scrub, make your own! It's easy, fun, and free when you use what you have on hand in the kitchen. And - oh yeah - it works just as good as the store bought stuff and the variations are endless!
Simply choose your sugar and mix with the slippery liquid of your choice. Adjust your amounts accordingly, depending on how "loose" your like your scrub and the amount you need for the area you want to exfoliate. It's definitely not rocket science and is impossible to mess up, so have fun with it.
Directions: Mix. Apply. Rub gently. Rinse. Feel your skin and rejoice for the power of sugar. Follow up with lotion to keep the dream alive.
Sugars: [br] - Table sugar: Recommended - great for the lips, face, decollette, and elsewhere. [br] - Brown sugar: A gentler exfoliation for very sensitive or easily irritated skin. [br] - Raw sugar: Be gentle...this packs a serious exfoliating punch! It's probably too rough for most skin, but can work wonders on dry heels and feet.
Some Liquid Suggestions: [br] - Water: Simple and easy - splash a little water on the area-to-scrub, add the sugar, and rub away. [br] - Oils: Olive oil; palm oil; coconut oil; vitamin E oil; glycerine/glycol, etc. [br] - Lotion: Insert your favorite lotion here. [br] - Foodstuffs: Agave nectar; your milk of choice; melted dark chocolate, and so on. [br]
(For scrubs made with oil, any surplus can generally be stored in an air- and water-tight container for a while and not dissolve.)

Preparation Time: 
Less than 5 minute
Cooking Time: 
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mmmm  just tried it (spur of the momently) with soymilk and organic sugar and my skin feels cleaner and fresher than it has since i left alaska (now i live in new orleans) it feels better than when i wash it with my favorite soap!! can this be used daily?


I added vanilla to the  scrub and it smelled good!


Works real well, Definitely recommend ! For the softest skin I use it all the time.


I do this with salt...  whenever my hands are so rough they are snagging on everything I just pour a little salt and a little olive oil in my palm and scrub scrub scrub.  Rinse with water and dry well - apply lotion - instant new hands!


i saw it on TV years ago and i still use it. especially for legs (yes, mine get dry all the time). i use any cheap body lotion, creme etc. it's wondeful, it truly is. XD


I make this all the time, and it really does make your skin feel baby soft afterwards! I usually mix brown or white sugar with water or lemon juice, either is fine. I just can't use it more than once a week otherwise the "scrubbiness" of it starts irritating my skin.



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