hmmm i did try these for valentines day...and they rose heaps and then sunk as well, but i figured it was because i put them in muffin tins! i dont have a cuppy cake tray  :(.
these look gorgeous! i am going to recipebox this and try it for valentines day  :)>>>
jolana added a comment on the recipe World's First Vegan Fried Egg:
this recipe looks amazing and creative! I havent tried it yet but i may do as a valentines day surprise...maybe i should practise before!
jolana added a comment on the recipe Vegan Buttercream Frosting:
i've made this twice now to top the red velvet cup cakes recipe on vegweb...i really loved the taste but im confused...the first time i used the shortening i just mashed it and beat it with the m
jolana added a comment on the recipe Aunt Kate's Cheese Ball:
i feel like such an idiot! I didnt realise the sauce had fish in it! :-[ ew! luckily i dont use it much! but i thought i was so clever when i made a vegan tofu diane...damn!