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Adopting a cat

I've decided that it's not too soon to start looking for a cat after Magic. I think he'd know that I need a furry friend. After I convince my dad that I should get a cat, I need to know what to look for in regards to and adoption or rescue place. Can someone tell me what the signs are of a a place that values their animals? Also, what places should be avoided? I don't want to endorse someone who isn't kind to the animals they are adopting out.

I apologize if this seems like an obvious question, but sometimes I just miss the obvious.

KB, petfinder is soooo getting me in trouble. There are so many deserving kitties!

After talking with my dad about getting a cat, he said that any cat that I got would need do be declawed (because our other cat is and it wouldn't be fair, blah, blah..). He also said I would have to get a job to pay for the declawing. So on Petfinder I searched for declawed cats, because getting a kitten isn't so important to me. I think I found one. He's declawed in all 4 feet (what were they thinking?!?). He's vaccinated. The only drawback is that he's in ALABAMA. According to Google, it would only take me 2 1/2 hours on the road to go visit him. I might email the shelter about him to see if he's worth it.

Lewie is ADORABLE :)>>>

I wish people wouldn't declaw tho :(


I'm searching for a cat that has been previously declawed.

Unfortunately for me, Lewie has been adopted, but the <choice word>s didn't take him off the website. Now all I can hope for is his adoption to fall through. :(


By chance, there was a rescue at Petsmart today. I now have a kitty.





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