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To all cat lovers...I need advice

A little over two months ago I agreed to take in a kitten that had been abondoned by her mother.  (Her picture is in my profile)  Having her has been a great joy except for one thing....her biting.  What advice do you all have in tryng to break her of it?  I'm not talking about little tiny kitten nibbles.  She bites hard enough to draw blood and does so dozens of times a day.  I thought the vet was kidding me when she said torti kittens were a handful and was I up for the challenge.  I've had many cats and kittens in the past but none of them has bitten like this.  Is this just something she'll grow out of?  I've tried misting her with a spray bottle but that doesn't work because she enjoys the water.  The biting isn't anything that would ever make me get rid of her...if it comes down to it I'll live with it and the scars that I'll get (I've already gotten a few!).  I'm just worried about having people over and her biting them.  Plus my young niece is coming to visit me soon..she's autistic and I don't want to have her associate biting/pain with all cats because she doesn't necessarily understand.

Maybe naming her Atilla the Hunee was a bad thing?!  She's certainly living up to the name.   ::)     

ETA...Atilla is three months old.

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