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Cali update

Cali went to the vet tonight for a recheck on her mites (Mange) and her thyroid.  It has been 4 months since her last visit as you don't test for these things often.

Her mite count was very low.  The vet had a hard time finding mites but she did find some.  I was so hoping she wouldn't find any.  Her first check months ago, there were so many she couldn't count them all.  As long as she has some, they can breed so her treatment continues.  She has to continue treatment 6 weeks after a no mite count.  Then after the 6 weeks, tested again to make sure.  None the less, Cali was the worst case of demodetic mange she had ever seen.  So although a very long process, been almost 6 months on this treatment, she is finally getting rid of the mites.  She probably will need treatment for 3 or 4 months.  Although I first  opted for a naturopathic treatment, Cali was dying so I had to make an important decision.  I wasn't going to lose her.

Cali's hair continues to grow although she has bald patches on her legs and part of her face.  Some of her fur on  her back is very sparse.  Her tummy is finally starting to grow.  Her tail was bare and looked like a stick.  Now she has the tail of a fox.  She has even grown feathers or bagpipes as I call them on her rear end.  I never knew her to have them.

Cali weighed 42 pounds months ago.  She is a whopping 47 pounds right now and so needs to lose about 3 pounds.  So we tested her thyroid again today.  It could be her thyroid meds have to be adjusted or because I fed her the same as always in the winter but because we had such a bitter winter, she didn't get the same exercise as normal.  Should find out those results tomorrow or Monday.  Four months ago after her initial blood work, it showed Cali's immune system was kicking in.  I am praying it will show the same thing when I get these results.

When she went to the vet last July after having the mange flare up again and the hypothyroidism diagnosed, she was actually under weight.  She weighed about 38 or 39  pounds.

Her ideal weight is probably 42 to 43 pounds.

On a sad note, while the vet was counting the mites, the examination room door was open.  A neighbour saw Cali and popped her head in.  She was holding her very old cat and sobbing.  She then disappeared into a room.  Then another neighbour saw Cali and came in the room.  He had driven his next door neighbour in as she was having her kitty put to sleep tonight because he is full of cancer and it is the time.  

This lady's little dog attacked Cali about a week ago. Now Cali is scared of her dog.  In the park a couple of nights ago, a little dog tried to hump her and another little dog jumped up and nipped at her face.  I think the experience of the attack the other night had freaked her because she got very nasty looking with the two smaller dogs.  I put her on her leash and calmed her down.  Cali had next to no socialization in her first 9 months living in a shelter in Greece except for the love of a couple of very special women.  Then she got sick when she came to me.  So, I have to work on her and little dogs.  She loved little dogs until the attack.  She loves all cats and is amazing with them. So this is a little set back.  

Truly funny, Cali has befriended a cat that lives in my courtyard.  Is an indoor cat (as in has a great home) but allowed in the courtyard.  
My four cats have claws so Cali has no idea Shadow doesn't.  She loves Shadow.  When she sees Shadow she runs over and puts her bum in the air I want to play appearance.  Shadow poofs up into a huge cat and tries to smack her.  Cali jumps back because she respects claws.  If Cali turns away and leaves, Shadow chases her.  I need a video camera.  Nothing like seeing a big fluffy black and white cat chasing and stalking Cali.  Shadow pretends he is pissed off but he isn't at all.  He loves the play time.  Who said cats and dogs can't get along.  Cali loves all four of her kitties...OK, maybe not Tobi but it is a love/hate relationship.

I have had a challenging time since Cali joined my life September 23, 2006 as has she.  None the less, it has all been worth it.  The money spent, the exhausting hours spent helping her and her determination to fight for her life.  I wasn't going to give up on her and she obviously wasn't going to give up on me.  

It was hard for me to tell my friends in Michigan although their Standard poodle is the love of her life, Cali has been smitten by a golden retriever/lab mix (7 months old) she has met in the park.  He is still a baby and weighs about 60 pounds.  Will probably be 90 to 100 pounds when full grown.  Cali is finally being able to act like a puppy although she was 2 in December.  She is just like her mom.  We are both in love with younger men! :-)

Of course, when I go to Michigan in May, Cali will become the proverbial flirt and be totally in love with Rocket again.  Once we get back home, she will be in love with Lewis.  That's my girl!

Will let you know the blood results.  Of course there are so many new people on the board, many of you have no idea who Cali is and what I am talking about.

Veg On all!


Best of wishes to you and Cali it's good to hear that her fur is coming back. Good luck Di!!!


Best of wishes to you and Cali it's good to hear that her fur is coming back. Good luck Di!!!

Thank you so very much! :-)


You're welcome Di


Tell Cali the attention from other dogs (wanted or not) is just because she's getting so beautiful. They can't resist!  ;)
I love the idea of Cali carrying her own bagpipes! :D

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