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chimp funeral

Apologies if someone already posted this, but I didn't find anything just now when I searched...

Anyone else see the viral photo in this month's National Geographic? Dorothy, a chimp at a Cameroon chimp rescue center, died of heart failure a year ago.  A volunteer at the center took an awesome photo of workers lovingly transporting the bundled-up chimp, as other chimps look on silently, as if at an actual funeral. I'm on an iPod touch, so I can't copy and paste, but I did a "chimp" "funeral" search and found a story on Huffington post. Reading about how Dorothy spent 25 years as an amusement park "mascot", being tormented and trained to drink beer and smoke cigarettes made me bawl for the last 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: when I did the google search, the first was a terrible white supremacist site. Not what I wanted to see.


I think Allychristine also posted about this in 'what's new, pussycat?':

Same story?

Our cousins are SO like us... why is that surprising to anyone, considering how similar our physiology is to theirs?!... As AC said, DUH!


Haha whoops. that's why specific post titles help, since I searched 'dorothy', 'chimp', 'funeral', etc. and turned up nuthin'. Sorry for the repeat! :p


Better safe than sorry, I say! Great story/ pic... better too many postings than too few!

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