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I would like to share with everyone that my puppy who was about 2.5 months who had distemper was saved by a Dr Agas, Urban Paw, Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Actually I had lost few rescued puppies due to distemper recently. Most of the Vet was not very confidence to save the young puppies, even Dr Agas. But Dr Agas try things with confidence & adviced me that beside medicine & technology, the love and caring also important to save them.

Beside distemper, many other critical problem with puppies had been treated by Dr Agas. I am not promoting him but just sharing my happiness & experience with others.


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Were the puppies too young to get the distemper vaccine? I've never heard of a dog actually getting distemper--that's scary.


this might be spam.....


this might be spam.....

word! the vet link is at the bottom of all this persons posts... lame

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