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Dog (and cat?) exercise/activities

What do you all do with your animals?

I know Olen is happiest after a long walk. I'm (still) not working : (, so I have plenty of time to do walks, and other stuff. We go on morning, late morning, afternoon, and night walks each day (P usually does the night walk). 3 of them are usually 15-30 minutes, and I try to do one 45-hour walk. We also do a bit of jogging. He plays with his toys inside sometimes, and about once a week plays with another dog. (no dog park) I don't believe in "training" animals for only our own purposes, but I know that he enjoys doing things. I'm going to teach him a few commands, for his own enjoyment. I tried to teach him to sit, but he was already sitting!

Anyway, I'm just wondering what everyone else does, and if you do anything else special. Any games you play with them?


We do the daily walks--we also split up the walks and purposely don't walk together, so the bf can take Oliver for a walk, then I'll get home from work and take him for another. I run about 8 miles a day, and eventually I'd love for O to run with me, but for now I just take him on occasional 1 mile runs, because he gets tired. We also play ball a TON. We have a goal to make him run after the ball and fetch it at least 50 times a night (I really do count!). This is in the house.

We've also taken O hiking (longest about 5 miles) and that wore him out. We took him on an 8 mile walk one time, and he was absolutely pooped afterwards. Maybe a bit too much.

We're leery of the dog park, too. Oliver has a bit of an attitude, and I'm afraid he'd try to bite another dog. We've had him just over a month or so, and we're hoping he stops that soon.

Oh, another thing: we'll dog-sit my parents' dog (a boston terrier) and the 2 will play together until they collapse in a panting heap!


;)b VR! That ball idea is good. Olen is pretty ADD with his toys..he'll be playing with one, and then switch to's funny. He doesn't play with his balls (!!!) much. 8 miles! Sheesh. That would definitely tire him out..

I would take him to a dog park, but we don't have one! He's pretty timid around other dogs. He does LOVE to sniff out, and chase cats (sorry outdoor cat people). It's like his favorite thing. Of course, he's on a he can't chasechase. I think he just mainly loves to sniff, and find. The other dog he plays with is an EXTREMELY playful and sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback (huge), with a ton of energy. Olen has to be in the right mood to play with him, though. In the beginning, he was just scared...but not so much anymore. My family's dog is old, and she just snaps at him.

More stories!


My dog stole a little bean bag chair thing from my room. He decided it was his from then on. We hide his toys under it and he tries to dig them out and then he just goes crazy running around. Haha.

I guess my pups is just super energetic. If you look at him in the right way he starts running around with toys. He generally runs in this oval like path around the house until hes tired.

He also likes giving high fives before/after we play. Heh. And tug o' war! That's always fun.


IN the summer (when the grass isn't wet), I chase Lucy around the yard. This can go on and on for a long time. Then she just gets excited and starts running circles around me. I walk her, and we take her to the dog park, but no she's a bit afraid of going to the park because last time she was mounted by a large(fully intact) dog.

My cats chase each other. Sometimes I break out the lazer mouse toy. It drives them nuts! And then when Lucy figures out that the cats are chasing the red dot, she joins in! She's a silly doggy.


P bought him a new ball last night (he hasn't been feeling well), and it makes these silly squeaks. Olen looovvveessss squeaky toys. He just holds it in his mouth, and squeaks it. I tried to take video of him just holding it, but as soon as I try to get his attention, he drops it! (that's why you hear me scoff) hehe


Bella gets loads of exercise!  We have to be really careful here in the HOT months because of over heating.... plus, she's a short nose breed.

Bella gets regular long walks...Everyday after work I take her for a 1-1.5 mile walk at a very quick pace!  Since it is still in the afternoon (and warm) anymore would overdo it for her.  I take her on at least 1 run each week (either in the morning or evening).... normally 2-3 miles long.

She gets plenty of playtime in the house chasing after toys or playing tug-o-war or wrestling games with DH (or me).

Additionally, she'll get a trip to the dog park or doggie daycare (where she gets to play all day!).

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