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How Are your Pets? - one year and still strong!!!

I've been so busy worrying about it and taking care of him day in and day out that I hadn't thought about it till my friend pointed it out recently - It's been over a year (summer 2006) since he was diagnosed with lymphoma, cardiomyopathy, and adrenal disease and he's still with us!

I could hardly believe it.  But when I stop to think about it, I guess that's right.  We were giving him 3-6 months tops at that time.  Time just ran together and piled up to now.

Anyway, this is what the holistic vet said this week:

He checked him over, and did an acupuncture session.  Shinsei did very well, although towards the end, he was getting fidgety.  The vet said often there are more heart disease symptoms in the winter.  He did not feel the Digoxin was warranted, as Shinsei's heart actually sounded better than when he saw him last fall.

He did suggest to increase his herbs from the 1/8th teaspoon gradually to 1/4 teaspoon for a week or 10 days to see if it helps correct the problem, and also the furosemide will help pull any fluid off of his ample belly.

Another thing I have noticed which I feel is an improvement is that he isn't mating with his toys anymore.  Hopefully the adrenal glandulars have been working to help that, but he still is pretty aggressive towards other ferrets.

I thought I'd give an update on the shin-dozer since I received so much help here.

The details of what  meds - alterantive and western - we are using can be found here:
More in depth details here:

He has his fifth birthday coming up this year in the summer.  It will likely be his last birthday, but as long as he is enjoying life and not suffering, that is ok. 

So how are your guys doing?

That's awesome!!

I have two extremely healthy Italian Greyhounds.  My oldest is 13 now and I worry about him sometimes.


Yogaferret, that is awesome news!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!

My pets are all doing well.

Harold Catarina Blue will be 20 in March.  She is getting very feeble but eats like a pig.
Tobi is nearly 14 and doing great.
Emma Orange Blossom and Smedley Hoover (siblings) will be 8 in July.  They are my baby cats.

Cali just turned two and after the worse health ever is getting healthier every day and her fur is growing in leaps and bounds.

Biko, my African Grey will be 18 in June.  He is a constant joy in my life.

Yellow Bird is at least 6 or 7.  I swear I am losing track of time.  He has a big fatty tumour on his abdomen and has had it for at least 3 or 4 years.  I never expected him to live this long but he is doing so well.

Chickpea, Blue Bird and Little Blue Bird are around 2 and doing very well.

The last four are budgies.

Your news totally brightened up my day!



That's awesome!!

I have two extremely healthy Italian Greyhounds.  My oldest is 13 now and I worry about him sometimes.

OMG Tweety! Thirteen already?  He is your baby!

How the h*ll are you and 'the kids'?



After the terrible scare Sweetheart gave us last January he is doing fine. I am giving him moulting vitamins (mostly vitamin B) periodically and they seem to help keep his resistance up. Not all the time, just as needed. I also put him in an inner room at night when the temp drops, away from the big picture window and its drafts. He gives me hell and makes me laugh (see my post in the African Grey thread).

I have no idea how long a budgie actually lives, as my childhood budgie was attacked by a cat. I think Sweetheart is 4 going on 5 now.

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