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Making your own dog food

There are several threads about feeding your dog--but nothing about making your own dog food or recipes.  I came back from Spring Break with an infant puppy who'd been abandoned by his mom, and I plan to make my own food for him (when he finally gets some teeth!).

I don't plan to raise him veg--I'm of the camp that thinks it's healthier for dogs to get some protein from clean, healthy meat.  Everything I've read seems to say about 75% of their diet should be starch from grains and vegetables, while the remaining 25% should be meat proteins. 

Anybody else out there feed their puppies homemade goodness?


I don't make food for any of my pets (dog & rabbit) - but I have taken some animal nutrition courses including a pet nutrition course. (I know this does NOT make me an expert, but I wanted to offer some advice since you're asking) - if you're going to make your own dog food, my advice would be to definitely also feed a supplement along with it. Without this you can't be sure of whether the food is balanced or contains the appropriate nutrients in the right amount, from good sources (ie. some nutrients aren't absorbable from certain foods, but are from others). As someone who also has years of experience working at boarding kennels and in animal care facilities, it definitely makes a difference! Some clients bring raw food, most of which is also supplemented, and the dogs seem to do quite well on that. I have seen people go about it the wrong way and feed "human" meals to their dogs, as the whole of their diet - things like cooked pasta with tomato sauce, or tuna salad, or a raw steak, and one dog even arrived with just a tub of cottage cheese and some frozen vegetables to eat. While I know the people who live with these dogs just want to spoil them, they can harm them (of course!) by not providing adequate food.

I'm sure that's not your intention - I like the idea of making the food and knowing just what went into it! But I personally would never feed something like a homemade diet without a supplement. Unless you've had extensive training and are a canine nutritionist or something of the sort, it would be pretty hard to know that your dog was getting everything he needed!

Also, good job on taking the little guy in. :) it sounds like he's going to have a great home with someone who cares about him. (are you going to post pictures?)


I make all the food for Zippy dog
Not the dry food right now.
Actually he is eating a high raw vegan diet now.

There is links out there for making dog and cat food.
If I get a chance I will post them here.
Big advantages to feeding your pet homemade food.
One thing is you know what is really in it.
He is getting ready to turn 6 next week

Vegan dog for life and no health issues.

Has unbelievable amount of energy and last check up was told he is in very good shape.

What I am getting ready to do is start making his dry food so I dont have to buy it any more.


Uzbekjoe, I have been curious about what exactly you feed Zippy. I'm hoping to get back to feeding my dogs a home made diet, BUT, its really important to me for them to eat a vegetarian diet. I ordered this product called "vegedog" I think it was, and it was quite expensive and I HATED all the recipes that came with I would never dream of feeding my dogs flour deliberately. >:(  Anyways D'Artagnon has a really sensitive tummy and cant have much variety in his day to day diet which makes me think I have to give him a small amount of all the variety in his diet all the time...makes me feel crazy!!!!

lol...not that I should even let me be worrying about stuff like this right now... :-X day I want to be back to it :-\


basically Zippy eats the exact same I do.
If you eat a healthy vegan diet then you know how to make pet food also.
Just don't overspice pet food make it more bland.

Right now he eats lots of  raw veggies and fruit.
Usually the only grains I feed him is rice
stuff like pasta is no good.

I can go into more detail if someone is really interested.

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