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more pet good vibes requested, please

so my fat little kitty girl - that one over there in the sunshine
is experiencing another bout of blood in the urine.  i went through this a couple years ago with her, and it wound up being a five-month ordeal, with lots of testing, possibilities, money spent, answers.  now it's back. 

i just started her on a three-week course of antibiotics (she had white blood cells as well as red blood cells in her urine sample, indicating a bacterial presence) and hope this does the trick, first time around.  i feel bad for her  :'(  she's one of the sweetest little lovey cats ever.

so, any good vibes you can spare (seems like a lot of pet sadness here in vegweb land lately?), she and i appreciate.  her 'brother' probably does too, though he'd never admit it.

my lil' fam thanks you in advance.

Alrighty! I hope everything works out quickly.  :)>>>


her 'brother' probably does too, though he'd never admit it.


Cat and I send good vibes.       


I  have lots of extra good vibes to send.  Considered them sent!

There has been a lot of sadness on VW with pets lately.

Sunday was a sad day for me thinking of two years ago when I lost my Isabela.  Then I got an email from a good friend that her best friend lost his battle with leukemia, same day.

Lets hope all gets better for our furry friends and our non furry ones as well.

Heartfelt thoughts going your way!

Hugs Di and the 10 furred and feathered.


I'm so sorry.  I have a special place on my altar just for pets and I will light a candle for your kitty.



:cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :)>>>


Sidra says, she hopes your baby gets better.
"Hope he feels better!"


We're getting a lot of sick kitties on vegweb. Not good at all! I hope your baby feels better, and I'm keeping you in my thoughts.


That is such a cute picture of her...I love how she is laying right in the sunny spot!  I hope she starts feeling better with the antibiotics  :)>>> :)>>> :)>>>


Hopefully, your babycat will be up and dancing like this:


Love to you both!  :)>>>


Aw, I'm so sorry your kitty isn't feeling good! I'm sending out lots of lovies, prayers, and welll wishes for a quick and full recovery!  :)>>>


thank you, thank you, everyone!!

mdvegan - that's exactly what she's on now - clavamox - for a three-week run.  she's already figured out the twice-a-day schedule and now hides from me in the mornings.  fun times.  anyway, i hope that's all it is; i can't help but get worrisome based on our past experience with all this.  i had no clue these things could be seasonal?  would be sweet to just knock this out after round one...

*fingers and toes crossed*


Hope your kitty gets well soon.

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