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My Squirrels....NVR

Well, I really didn't want a squirrel living on my balcony this winter as I knew it meant babies in the spring.  None the less, mama squirrel found the perfect spot on my balcony as winter started.  My balcony has a roof.  She was totally protected from the elements so what could I do.  This winter was bitterly cold and I was not booting her out.  I thought in the spring I would screen my balcony.

So a couple of weeks ago I went out on the balcony because I saw mama leave.  I went to where she sleeps and saw a little black body that appeared to be dead.  Mama is grey.

I went to touch the little black body to make sure.  Well, this little squirrel jumped up and ran.  Scared the sh*t out of me and it.

Stayed hidden on another part of my balcony all day.  I thought it odd that mama only had one baby.  I have only seen the one. 

About 1/2 hour ago, I saw a grey baby.  Have no idea where it was the day I discovered black baby.  Then what appears out of one of my folded up summer chairs, another black baby.  Three is pretty typical.  So I thought two black babies and a grey.  Then I see a grey/brown baby. 

So mama had 4 healthy babies and they are living on my balcony.  Of course it means me and my critters can't use it until they move out.  Right now one is going through the spokes on my bike, one is chewing on the wood railing, one is chewing on my cooler and the other one is playing on the dog bed. 


Cali just barked so I went to see what she was looking at.  Three of the babies are now hanging upside down on my balcony screen door.  Thankfully Cali is not a barker or she would be barking from now until move out day.  Just one bark to let me know there are squirrels on the door.

There truly is nothing cuter than the antics of young squirrels.  They play with each other and just have fun.

I am sure they are all descendent's of Boo.  The squirrel I loved and who broke in to my place on a couple of occasions.  Was in my kitchen years ago for over 4 hours.  How can I not love anything that Boo most likely had a part of. 

I have the tip of Boo's tail with a little ribbon on it.  My last dog sort of removed a piece of her tail.  Thankfully Boo forgave me.

OK, so in the fall, I am going to screen my balcony.  With my luck mama squirrel will put a little hole in it and still live on my balcony and have her fall babies on it.  Happy that I was thoughtful enough to put up screening to protect her young ones!

Yay for them making out alright and lucky for them they have a 'shepherd' to watch over them....heartwarming story, thanks for sharing  :)

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