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Apparently this airline are taking steps to make air travel more comfortable for our furry friends. I'm not sure what my cats would think of being so close to other animals' cages but hey, Freddie eats spiders, what does he know about anything?  ;)

It' s a nice idea, but I don't know how I'd feel about leaving my baby to make a voyage completely without anyone he knows.


the thing that I'm 'not so hot' on is the fact they're being flown in turbo-prop planes that are known to be 'bumpier' than others, thus for humans they are used as 'puddle jumpers' where the average flight is 45 min.......


well, it cant be any worse than having them in the cargo hull of a regular jet.. at least this plane is set up to hold these carriers in a secured way.. and maybe it would be more comforting to them to look around and see other animals - even if they're strangers it's gotta be better than looking at luggage.  it's probably more temperature controlled too, i don't think they keep the cargo warm in passenger jets.

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