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Request for positive thoughts regarding rescue!

Hi there!  This is my first post on here.  I apologize in advance because this is going to be pretty long.

For the past little while I have been searching to find a dog that would thrive as part of my family, during my search, I've also been looking up obedience/manners classes, different food options (seriously, my Safari tab bar is full of the veg vs. omni threads from this site.) I haven't had much luck when I email the shelters though, either the dog has already been adopted (yay for them!) or the shelter doesn't think my situation is suitable for that particular animal (I live in an apartment , I have a cat, and I have a two year old daughter.)

So here is where the positive thoughts come into play...

My cousin and his girlfriend decided to buy a puppy from some guy on Kijiji for $300.  Roxy is an 11 weeks old Pug/Boston Terrier and spends most of her time in a little crate.  The crate however is not her "safe place" it's more of a punishment.  She already has been trying to wake them when she needs to make business outside, but if they don't wake up in time, she obviously makes her business on the floor inside, for which she gets a smack and is snapped at "Roxy!  Bad Girl!"  She also likes to chew, instead of being redirected to a chew toy, she gets a smack and a "Roxy!  Bad girl!"  My cousin wont just let her live with me, he expects me to "buy" her from him, plus I would of course have to take her to be spayed/vax and such.  I am 100% against "buying" animal companions, but in this case, poor Roxy is going to end up in a shelter if I don't.  I sent my cousin the following text message "I don't want to be a pain in the ass but if you are serious about finding a new home for Roxy, my mom and I are willing to give you the full $300 you paid for her. She will stay at moms at night and then come here during the days so that she will always have the attention that she needs. We have worked it out between ourselves and think it is a good solution. If you're not serious, please don't joke because already we love her so much." on Sunday and I'm waiting for a reply. 

So, I'm begging, please send positive thoughts (prayers from the praying crowd) that Roxy may come live with me (and visit with my mom) my heart hurts for her, and I know that she would have a wonderful life here if my cousin and his girlfriend would stop being so selfish, and just let her be where she will have the love and attention that she needs/deserves.

Also, can anybody offer any tips as far as communicating with my cousin, so it doesn't come across that I'm judging them for being awful companions to Roxy?

Good luck, Jane!  I'd pay to rescue a dog too :)
I don't have any advice on communicating with your cousin - I'm not good at being pleasant in those types of situations, but I'm sure he'll come around, especially since you offered to pay, which is obviously what he's interested in....
Keep us posted!


Still no reply from my cousin.  My mother mentioned it to him and he told her "Oh, I told her that we're keeping Roxy, we love her."  He didn't ever tell me he intended on keeping her, every chance he got he asked me if I wanted her, and when I said yes, he'd throw in the "for $300"

I still feel bad for her though, she needs more love/attention/socialization than what she's getting but because she's not being injured there isn't anything I can do other than just encourage them to go to obedience/manners classes with her so they know how to properly discourage inappropriate behaviour rather than always giving her a smack.

So now, I'm filling out applications at the shelters in hopes that they will find my family/home suitable to welcome a dog into it.  I'd still appreciate the positive thoughts though, for both me and for Roxy.


Maybe if you think of it as "ransom" rather than "buying"?  ;)

Maybe you can offer to puppysit for them?  At least the poor pup will have SOME positive experiences in her life, and maybe they'll just get tired of her, and sort of ... forget to pick her up after awhile?  Hey, it could happen!

If they let you puppysit, you can work on some "tricks".  When they come to pick her up, show them her routines, and maybe they'll see how positive reward-based training can really work! 

BEST of luck.  For poor  little Roxy, too!  Positive thoughts streaming your way!


good luck!! and the puppysitting idea is great!

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