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Boston Veg Food Fest - November 1, 2008

Thats right! Its that time of year again for the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

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I had a total blast this weekend!!  The fest was super crowded which is always great to see, and the samples- wow!  When we got home today we dumped out our goodie bags like trick-or-treaters!  One of my fest purchases was the best vegan cheese I've tasted so far called "teese".  It's SOOOO good you'd swear it was cheese if you didn't know any better- it lacks that weird processy taste most soy cheeses have.

The highlight of the fest for me was T. Colin Campbell's speech.  We got to meet him afterward and talk with him for a few minutes.  He's working on acquiring funding to help raise awareness and get his information to the public- he said it has been tough with the bad economy.  But overall it was very uplifting hearing him speak and talking to him!!!

After the fest we had dinner & grabbed a few drinks at a nearby bar.  And what night would be complete without stopping at a ALL VEGAN PIZZA SHOP??  I miss Boston already!  And of course, it was great meeting so many vegfriends.  I had a wonderful 2 night stay at hotel Cali-fornia: can't thank you enough Cali!!


It was a pleasure to host you and M, greenT!!

Side note: Can anyone help me out with my video?  Either detailed instructions on where to upload it or an offer to do so for me, titles and such would be awesome as well but I dont have anything that would work that.  Hepl!!


JW has a nice crib. FTR. lots of pink.  :)>>>

I had to run downstairs to confirm this and you're right!  All of the carpets and blinds are pink.  How could I not notice this before?  I'm living in a pink apartment.  :o  It's fine and all.... just surprising. ;D

seriously? it was the first thing i noticed when i was at your house! and the TV table.  ;)b



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