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Please Help JAM Vegan Bakery become the 1st Vegan Dessert Truck in LA

JAM Vegan Bakery needs your help and support

JAM Vegan Bakery would like to be the first Vegan Desserts Food Truck in Los Angeles, serving freshly baked natural, organic, sustainable treats that every person will love. 

By donating to our project, you will help us take our treats to the streets of Los Angeles.

Please share our project with everyone you know, let’s get JAM Vegan Bakery on the road!

Visit our Kickstarter page for more information and to help fund our Vegan Dessert Truck project:

Please donate today! There are no vegan dessert trucks/vegan food trucks in Los Angeles. If we do not reach our goal amount, we will not be able to create and serve Eco-Vegan Treats in LA. Please, help us share vegan desserts in Los Angeles!

Peace and Treats!
Jesse and Mallori

hmmmmmmmmmm idk about this... donations to start a business, that's what loans are for :)


hmmmmmmmmmm idk about this... donations to start a business, that's what loans are for :)

Hi amymylove,  :owl:

I understand your concern. But I think this is one business we should support.

I recently sampled their chocolate chip cookies at a popular taco truck site in Highland Park, a neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. Lots of people but few vegan options.

Any business that serves a kick-ass vegan chocolate chip cookie gets my support. But that's not the only reason why I was impressed by JAM Vegan Bakery. More importantly, I really liked that JAM was handing out samples in Highland Park, a densely-populated and underserved neighborhood with limited access to vegan and organic foods. JAM is also donating their vegan bakery tomorrow at Chef Center of California in Pasadena from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. to help raise money for Japan.

It's too hot to bake. So I might get me some more chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.


hmmmmmmmmmm idk about this... donations to start a business, that's what loans are for :)



I replied on a similar post recently.  That post was deleted.  While I would think it is AWESOME to support a vegan company, it would be nice if these organizations were regular contributors to vegweb before asking for a handout.  If one of the regular members started a business, I would be thrilled to help them get off the ground.  I feel used.

Guerrilla marketing 101, huh?

eta:  Typically, if you ask for donations, you are a 501(c)-3 organization.  Since you didn't specify that you're a nonprofit or that donations are tax-deductible, I assume that you're just looking for a handout.


Duplicate posts will get deleted. No reason to post the exact same thing more than once! Especially on a smaller forum. (unfortunately, your post had to go along with that, mdv)


The donation idea seems to have miffed people.  What's the difference between donating to a bakery and testing recipes?  I get that in one instance you get to eat your food trial investment, but there's also no assurance it'll turn out right (hence, it's in testing) - you're putting your money up in the cost of groceries to try recipes to benefit someone else's business.

I tried to be a recipe tester a couple of times and found I'm too broke to buy the specific ingredients.  I'm too broke to donate in this instance, also, but I don't see the difference.  It costs you money to test recipes that benefits someone else's business.


it's true, but with recipe testing there are usually other perks, such as free recipes or free/discounted copies of the book

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