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Best Protein Sources (for someone who cannot tolerate legumes)

Hi everyone!  I've recently transitioned to a more plant-based diet.  First, it's because I don't like dealing with meat but after awhile I just started to feel a lot healthier.  Unfortunately, I just recently was able to tie my uncomfortable abdominal distension to my love of LEGUMES! NOOOO!  I'm not going to eliminate legumes but they were a huge source for protein and fiber.  Any ideas what to replace them with??

As of right now, I can think of..

- Eggs

- Tofu

- Dairy (although I'm trying to minimize dairy intake as well..)




Spinach, broccoli and mashrooms has lots of protein in it, but you can also get some from almonds and peanuts! :)


Quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, oats, buckwheat groats, nuts, seeds (pumkin, sunflower, sesame), nutritional yeast, tempeh, sweet potatoes, soy milk.

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