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Boca Burgers and Chik'n Patty and MorningStar Bacon

Hi everyone, my name is Easton and I have only been a vegetarian for 2 days, but I am already stocking up on many fruits, veggies, and fake meat!!! So I just had a Boca Chik'n Patty and really enjoyed it. It was the first fake meat I have ever tried and I added some ketchup and it was very good. I also bought Boca Burgers which I am really excited to try, but I am sticking to the menu and waiting until next week!!!! Finally, I got some MorningStar Bacon. I am super excited to try it and wanted to know how it compared to the real thing!?! So I just wanted to know if you have tried these delicious vegetarian products and your opinions of them!!!!!!

The Morningstar barbecue ribs is the best in my opinion. The morning star grilled chicken patties comes in second when it comes to Morningstar specifically.


Hi Easton. My children like the morningstar bacon but they have never had real bacon.  It is best if you eat it with stuff--either crumbled up in a baked potato, or included in a sandwich, etc.  Sometimes I make them a sandwich with a chickn patty of some kind plus avocado plus tomato plus some of that bacon plus a little vegenaise and they enjoy that.  There is another product called "Tofurkey" slices that you might like to try if you see it.  They like to eat it in a sandwich with avocado (or maybe some fake bacon too) or heated up and served with chickn-style gravy and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. 


In our house we eat a LOT of peanut butter.  I cannot remember from your other post if you like peanut butter and nuts, but they are an important food for us and a PB&J sandwich is a good afternoon snack.  Another thing they like to eat are bean quesadillas--spread half of a tortilla with refried beans (check to make sure they are vegetarian), some kind of cheese and/or avocado if you like, moisten the edges of the tortilla and fold over.  Then you can spread a little oil on the tortilla and perhaps a little bit of salt and brown both sides in a frying pan.  They enjoy this snack and are now old enough to make it themselves.


We also eat a lot of tofu.  They have been eating tofu since they were very little so they are accustomed to it and enjoy it even plain and cold.  But usually when we eat it we either put it into another dish, or we bread it and fry it or we  bake it with some kind of sauce.  Tofu is really good if you slice it into slabs that are not too thick--maybe an inch or--and coat them with barbecue sauce and either bake it or put it on the bbq to cook.  There are a lot of recipes for tofu on this website.


Good luck with your new vegetarian journey!  My two oldest children are 13 and almost 11, so you fit right in between them.  If you ave any questions you should send me a message and I will do my best to answer.  I can also ask my children and see what they think!






Hey, Easton, just after I logged off I remembered there were two other foods you should give a try if you see them. The first is "Nate's Meatballs."  They are sold in packages in the freezer and come in three flavors. We like the regular flavor and the zesty Italian.  They are very good heated up in the oven and either eaten plain or put in marinara sauce and served over spaghetti.

The second thing I wanted to mention were veggie hot dogs.  There are ten million different kinds of veggie hot dogs and, unfortunately, my children do not like many of them. The one they like is made by Yves and called "Veggie Dog."  However, all of these companies make a lot of different varieties and it is sometimes hard to find exactly the one you want.  We don't eat veggie dogs that often, but they are good to have around.  Sometimes I wrap them in biscuit dough (or crescent dough) and make pigs in blankets.  In fact, I thought of the hot dogs becaue that is what they took in their lunchboxes today.


Also definitely check out the Morningstar Riblets.


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Welcome to veggie life!  I love the morningstar bacon.  I like it alone or in sandwiches and salads.  I like how it gets nice and crispy and that the kitchen smells just like bacon!  When I add it to salads I don't use as many slices as a recipe states and the flavor really comes through.  My favorite kind of boca burger are the cheeseburgers.  I also like the boca chicken patties.  Try adding some pizza sauce and cheese to one in the oven.  Yummy.  I agree with jkl about the hotdogs.  I think those are the best too.  I've tried many different items during the past 11 years and have had many things I didn't care for.  I've also learned to eat better and I'm eating things I thought I didn't like. 

Try the boca buffalo chicken and morningstar sausage.  I also like the veggie patch meatballs although they are hard for me to find.  Good luck on your vegetarian journey.



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