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Camp consouling?!!!

My friend, ( I turned her vegan....I'm extremly happy about that) and me are going to consoule for summer camp...the camp's food is not vegan friendly and we are on a budget....does anyone have any suggestions....?

do you mean counseling? yay, what fun. I do the same thing with my summers.

You should talk to the camp since room and board are usually included as part of your pay. Approach is like you would if you were talking to a school; bring recipe ideas, etc that shows that you're willing to help them "solve" the problem and work towards a solution while demonstrating that vegan food isn't too "freaky". I'm sure other vegitarians will be attending the camp, so hopefully you'll receive the help you need.

One central idea for meals is to think of common ideas that won't be hard to "veganize", such as meals you build yourself (taco, potato, salad bars, etc). Many common foods can easily be made vegan, such as chili or soups. Alternativly, you could suggest that when they make food X to save out a portion before adding cheese or meat to it. Like with pizza. Maybe you could even offer to help cook with them or plan menus. If all else fails, maybe you can cook up a big batch of beans to eat with your meals.

The residant camp i used to work at had a couple vegans on staff and were really receptive to that. Usually when I'm working anymore I use the "vegan enough" rule--I don't activaly eat dairy (and def. not meat!) but I assume that things like bread are okay. I'm past the "need to be 100% perfect vegan" phase and have come to accept that animal exploitation is going to happen (a bit pessimistic, i know) but that i'm doing the best I can.

good luck!


Thank you.... I'll talk to the person in charge of the menu and there anything that I should have on hand myself?

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