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Eames Unflavored Kosher Gelatin

Can anyone find this stuff anymore?  I've been hunting everywhere for it.  It was my favorite.

Or has anyone tried the Carmel or Lieber's?  I did not have any luck with Ko-Jell.  :-(

Well, I know there was a vegan marshmellow company that was using the stuff for a while, I don't remember which brand it was. But they discontinued there product, because it turned out the source of gelatin in Emes, while kosher, wasn't vegan; or vegetarian, for that matter. I think it was produced using kosher-prepared fish or cow bones. (Again, I can't remember which.) Kosher only defines that the animals were not of the pig/split-hoofed variety, and that they were slaughtered/prepared using strict Judaic methods, and that no dairy could be found in the product. At any rate, Emes has been disappearing from health food markets ever since, because improper marketing/information had lead many to believe that Kosher was synonymous with vegan.  :-\ :-[
Ooh, ok, I found the link that I'd read this stuff on; I knew I wasn't totally pulling this out of my butt, I'd seen it somewhere--

Good luck with your gelatin replacements... have you tried agar agar or arrowroot?


You can purchase it at the link below (The Mail Order Catalog in Summertown, TN), but they say that they can no longer verify that it has no animal products.


Oh wow!  Thanks for that.  I had no idea it wasn't vegan.  And marshmallows are exactly what I needed it for.

I'm going to try the Lieber's that veganessentials has right now. Hopefully it will work as nicely.

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