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Help can't get bread recipe to work-HELP

I've been making the "easy and decadent no-knead wheat bread" for over a year now.  But just recently moved and for the life of me can't get this recipe to work! The first time I attempted to make it in my new place, the center was goop but the outside crust was very dark brown and almost burned. I thought I would reduce the temp to 365 and cook for 45 minutes (I used to cook at 400 for 35 min). I am using the same ingredients, a different type of whole wheat flour, but that shouldn't cause the problem?  When I tried the lower temp, the inside was still too gooey and the outside hard, crunchy and dark brown.  I can't seem to get this right.  Any pointers on what I could be doing wrong? I am making it like I always used to and I'm frustrated as this is one of my favorite recipes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

hi earthmother

a few thoughts: you say you have recently moved, and so i wonder if the altered result may simply be attributable to a different oven.  are you baking it at the same level in the oven as you did previously?  also, the change in flour may be the culprit.  i suggest baking the bread with your usual flour and seeing if that makes a diiference.  it's worth a go and the first and most obvious place to start i suggest.  good luck. 


Thanks for the responses. I am not able to get the same flour I was using, but I will try to get a oven thermometer to check this new oven.

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