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How can i make this sweet potato and leek roulade vegan?

Hey everyone. I'm new member but i have been reading the recipes here for quite some time.

Anyway, i used to enjoy making this sweet potatoe and leek roulade, It is really yummy, but its only vegetarian, not vegan.

I'm wondering if you guys might have some tips for making it vegan?


It requires 300ml of milk to make the roulade base, is there any particular non-dairy milk which would be most suitable?

It needs 4 eggs... what would be a suitable egg replacer?

Do you think it'd taste fine without cheese? Its hard to get vegan cheese here, but i think it might be okay without any cheese?

Thanks everyone!

Wow, that's a lot of substitutions. I would use soy milk to replace the milk. I'm not sure about the eggs; the best I can do is point you here:

You could leave out the cheese, but that's 3/4 cup out of the recipe, and it probably also adds a good bit of saltiness and richness. If you can get nutritional yeast, you could try one of the cheesy recipes here, like


I'm a little confused by this recipe - the roulade appears to be some sort of flatbread in the picture, but it has so little flour in the recipe. If it is a bread-like texture, I would be inclined to try a focaccia type recipe.

Otherwise, how about something entirely different, like this seitan roulade: Vegan YumYum seitan roulade or any of the other myriad things that come up when you google "vegan roulade."


Thanks guys. Yeah you are right veggydog, the cheese ads a lot to the base.
Yeah it is a bit bread like vegrun ski, but more smoother and rich because the base is made up a lot of cheese.

Yeah when i was researching most vegan roulades were made with seitan (and looked really yum!). But i'd like to make one like this but vegan too.

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