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Loads of questions?various topics, blood type, pregnancy, soy,vegan lifestyle...

My local healthfood store had a pamphlet on transitioning to vegetarianism & it recommended that O blood types, which I am, still consume fish or yogurt for energy. Is there any truth there? Everything about being a vegan makes sense to me but I'm still falling prey from years of propaganda & meat/esp. dairy addiction.  I'm reading Diet for a New World and New America, which is very informative. I'm just afraid to succumb, willingly of course, to vegan ways & it not be the answer to healthy living. It's sad but true that I found myself not long ago just sure that eating lean meats was the way to be. I'm also thinking about pregnancy and whether or not a vegan life is ideal. I'm also a little torn with soymilk, tofu, tempeh, etc...There is hype about it's place in a healthy diet and my concern is that it had to be processed somehow, how close to the earth is it? Is it better to be vegan without those products? Finally how does one cope with people who don't get it? I'm in a very conservative place & I can only imagine the lack of support and comments.  I'm not the most confrontational but very willing to share my knowledge with others if they are interested and non-threatening.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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