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New To This Vegan Thing

I want to start eating vegan for me and my family. I am a 37 year old married male with 2 children, ages 13 and 8 and I want to be a example for them and set them up for success as far as a healthy diet is concerned. 

One of my problems is that we love meat and I have no idea where to start as far as tasty foods are concerned          regarding a vegan diet.  I have no idea where to start in terms of "replacements". I eat a few eggs and organic crackers just about every morning for breakfast. I also love cereal even though I realize cows/goats milk isn't good for you. I'm allergic to nuts so almond milk is a no go. I'm not sure what rice milk taste like but I'm willing to give it a go. On top of loving meat, I also have a sweet tooth and would love to know what vegan foods i canneat to replace the craving I have for unhealthy proccessed foods. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

I had the same concerns 7 years ago when I went from Veg to Vegan, and it turned out to be not a sacrifice but opened a door to all sorts of foods (Indian, Latin, Chinese/Japanese) that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

For the meat-craving (which fades in a few weeks as your body adjusts to a healthier diet) Tempeh, Tofu, and there are meatless versions of everything meat (Boca/garden burgers, meatless chicken, meatless bacon, even meatless ribs- they can make textured soy taste like anything with any texture) but they may not all be 100% vegan, may have eggs or dairy, so check ingredients or look for the "V" vegan symbol. When I first went vegan and craved cheese I would eat cashew butter, sooo good and very rich. Cashews and peanuts technically are legumes not nuts I think, but I guess you know whether you are allergic.

Tofutti better-than-cream-cheese really is better than cream cheese on bagels, tastes tangy like the real thing but less heavy. Whole Foods or other natural food stores will stock it.

I eat a lot of extra virgin olive oil every day too, makes food richer. And to spice things up I use hot sauce, soy sauce, miso, curry, etc.

For staple meals I usu cook whole-wheat pasta, organic long grain brown rice, black beans, lentils, etc again with lots of olive oil and vegetables. This type of diet is hearty, rich in protein and unsaturated fats.

And of course lots of fruits and veggies! And good tea and coffee is vegan of course too, can't leave that out.  Also, vegans usu need to supplement omega 3 with flax oil and B12, though the latter is often added to soy milk.


For sweets i love dried cherries and other dried fruits, and whole foods has great vegan baked goods, from pumpkin pie during holiday season to vegan cookies, scones, etc etc.

Also google vegan desserts, that's how I found this site, looking for a vegan cheesecake recipe!


Replacements for eggs are

tofu scrambles

in desserts there is a section in vegweb which will help you.

Replacements for milk is

basically any kind of vegan milk I would say. There's soymilk.

Replacements for meats is

mock chicken, bacon, tvp, seitan, tofu, tempeh, mock sliced meats.

First I would say is decide what meat based recipe you want replaced.

then look up the vegan version on vegweb or google it. Say it's meatloaf we have a ton of vegan versions of it. Put in vegan meatloaf recipes.

Second study the mock meat categories on vegweb and then search them out  in your supermarket/ healthfood store. Be able to recognize them.

A vegan diet should contain no meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk or butter. Nothing from an animal.

Just remember always get vegan recipes.

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