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Re: Some info on organic food, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's

that's an interesting point. I think the whole foods in particular have differing amounts of locally grown produce. The one in Orlando has practically nothing, the one in St Paul had quite a lot, and the one in boulder had a decent amount as well but the one in Portland seemed sparse.

I think the other interesting point is the pollution created to get that organic produce to the consumer. I have some issues with that as well. When I want to buy vegan shoes, for example, frequently they are fake leathers which were made in very polluting factories made from petroleum products. :/ Or how much yucky pollution comes from the creation of solar panels or wind mills which generate "clean" energy. Practically everything we touch has some petroleum relation in it these days, even if we are vegan, etc we still cause problems. Its really depressing. I would love ideas on how to *help* this problem!

Thanks for the article.  I never really stop to think where the organics I buy come from.  We don't have the market here, but of the two major stores here, one sells exclusively organic fresh produce, so it can't all be local.  The other one sells a mix of farmer's market and organic.

I think the part of the problem is we like our produce year round, so we often turn to southern climes like Chile for produce, particularly in the north were local winter crops for things we like year around like tomatoes and melons for example, are non-existant. 

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