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Smelly Silk DHA Omega-3 soy milk?

I have no idea where to post this, so feel free to move it.  

The only soy milk (or any kind of non-dairy milk) I like is the Silk DHA Omega-3 and have been drinking it for several years.  However, the last two times I bought it when I opened it, it smelled like eggs or strong yeast or something.  A few weeks ago, I'd bought two cartons at Wal-Mart and each had a mild eggy smell that dissipated rather quickly after opening so I drank them and didn't croak.  About 1-1/2 weeks ago, I bought a three-pack of this Silk milk at Costco.  I just opened one today (the expiration date is July something) and poured half a glass.  When I took a drink, the smell of eggs or like sulfur assaulted my nostrils like a ton of bricks and I poured the glass down the drain.  I RARELY throw any food/drink item out.  I cut mold off of things and eat them if at all possible.  This means the smell of this soy milk was very strong, almost like bad eggs.  Now that it's been open a while, the smell is again dissipating.  

These are from two different stores on different dates so I can't see it being one batch of Silk milk.  I  would like to return this three-pack but will not be going back to Costco for likely two months.  Besides, as I said Wal-Mart also had smelly milk a few weeks ago, though not as bad.

Anyone else notice anything recently with the smell or anything else with Silk DHA Omega-3 soy milk?  Anyone read anything about this?  I found nothing doing a search.

Ohmigosh Yes! Just searched online to prove I'm not going crazy!  Found out lately my Silk Unsweetened soy milk has been smelling like eggs too!   I threw out coffee and cereal for a couple weeks before realizing by process of elimination that it wasn't the coffee, creamer, mugs, bowls, water, nor dishwashing liquid at fault.  The soymilk was the only common denominator.  Sniffed it, and bingo - eggy smell. Not rotten-smelling, but strong enough to be nauseating.  Please call them - number is on the box.  Hope they find out what's the trouble and correct it.  Been buying this milk for at least a decade, and never heard of it happening before now.

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