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Soy milk in instant pudding?

Don't know if this is a silly question but I'm new to the world of soy milk and I have an instant pudding in my cupboard. Is it feasible to make instant pudding with soy milk?

hey, ya go for it

give it a shot!--what have you got to lose? im sure it will work fine, i use soy milk in everything that requires milk

flower power


it doesn't work - it won't set (but i don't know why).


i read someplace that the fats or something in dairy milk help it set. did you use a lowfat soy milk?

on another note, if you want some pudding, vegan with a vegnance (ha ha, more book pluggin) has a great pudding recipie in it! all i would suggest is to use cornstarch instead of arrowroot, cause the arrowroot version was like rubber.


It won't really set, but it will still taste like a delicious creamy pudding.

(Whoever waited for pudding to set before devouring it, anyways?)

(well, probably everyone except me...)


If your looking for instant pudding, there is product by Mori-Nu (I think its Mori-Nu) that uses silken tofu, and the chocolate is pretty good.  Its usually in the aisle w/ the health food stuff in the regular gocery store, and in the tofu aisle in most HFS's. 


I just posted a vegan pudding that uses soy milk.  But it isn't instant. Look out for it. It turns out great with the same pudding texture. Its called Vegan Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding.


It will not set up like regular pudding, but it is tasty.

There is a recipe for key lime pie on this web site that calls for Mori-Nu Tofu mates.  I have made it with that and with instant pudding.  The instant pudding version is far superior. If you have the other ingredients, I suggest you give it a whirl!


As a child I was extremely lactose intolerant and my mother made many of the instant puddings etc. with water instead of milk and they seemed to be fine. That was a long time ago now (like 30 yrs) so I don't know what changes have been made...probably a lot. To the water supply as well as the instant mixes! LOL

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