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Teenage vegetarian-advice?

Hi there,

I am a teenage who has recently decided to become a vegetarian. So far, I am really enjoying the lifestyle and what I am doing for animals and the environment. I just had a few questions though.

For any of you that are/were teen vegetarians.. i'd love to hear your stories/advice.

I am sometimes finding it diffcult to make school lunches/quick and easy meals because the rest of my family are meat eaters, any recipes or tips?

Thanks :)

I went Veg at 21 and vegan at 22, not quite the same but my family got used to it! I'll go to a vegan restaurant here in NYC for txgiving, family can come, but no turkies! I used to cook my own meal for family events and make extra for everyone. Your school prob has to provide a vegan lunch alternative, talk to administration if need be. If you bring your own I used to sometimes bring a tupperware to work, or vegan soup and protein bars then cook a huge meal for dinner.

Good luck and congrats!

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