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Tofu Noodles...

Has anyone seen/tried the "noodles" made from tofu?  They are sold in the cold section where the refridgerated tofu products are kept.  They are a Japanese product I think.  I bought some, and after blanching them I used them in an  asian noodle soup.  I Like the taste (almost like real pasta, so good for anything), except the texture was a bit "waxy" for lack of a better term.  Sort of like a cooked green bean?? Anyway...just wanted to know if anyone else here has tried them.  I think they may work out better in a pasta salad type of dish.  I tried vegan mac and cheese w/ them, but the noodles weren't soft enough....any advice? BTW...they only have 3 grams of carbs...nearly fat free...and are soy!!

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