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Oh man. I just went to a wedding, and they had nanaimo bars there, and they looked sooooo good. Does anybody have a recipe for vegan ones? I would kill for it.

Another thing, I'm not quite sure what to make sometimes, but this website is full of awesome suggestions, I know. I would like to get a collection of people's favourite recipes from this site, so if you wouldn't mind, either link me to it, or just write the name of it, and I'll check it out. :) Thanks!

i have no idea what those are, but found this link:

it looks like it would be easy enough to make vegan, since it doesn't rely on dairy stuff to be made. just substitute the dairy stuff with nondairy things (earthbalance for butter, soymilk for milk, etc) and make sure the pudding/chips are vegan as well. they actually look pretty tasty...i might have to make these someday!

i would say one of my favorite recipes on here is dragonfly's bulk uncheese mix. i always have some in the fridge. i also look through the new recipes and bookmark those that look good. its hard to recommend something since i don't know what your tastes are.


lol i didn't think to look for vegan version...i just was like "what is this thing!"


Any 30 or 40-somethings out there might know Nanaimo bars as Fudge Meltaways from the famous Betty Crocker Cooky Book. (ca. 1963) The vegan version is much better, as the originals were actually UNCOOKED and made with raw egg!!!

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