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Vegan Pizza and greens

I have been making pizza with TJs vegan dough, TJs sauce, and Daiya and it has been delicious.  I like kale and other greens, so I tried putting some chopped up kale on top - and it didn't work.  The kale just dried out, some leaves were burned, and the stems were like dried out twigs.  I was actually hoping that the kale would turn out cooked and softer - oh well.  I could cook the greens first and then put them on top I suppose....

Does anyone know if there is there an easier way to put greens on pizza without it getting burned?

What if you put it underneath the cheese?

I did a similar experiment with broccoli.  I struck gold by half-steaming it first, so you're totally on the right track with cooking it.


Did you drizzle oil on top of the greens? I always do that for spinach on pizza.


If you don't want to smother the greens in olive oil so they don't get crispy, you're going to want to mix them up with the sauce.


Thanks everyone....

I try to keep refined oil out of my diet and the Daiya is mainly for my younger boy.  The older one likes his pizza with soy chorizo instead of Daiya.  So I'm thinking of following his lead and not putting Daiya on mine either.

Covering it with something or mixing it with the sauce sounds good.  My next experiment... I'll try putting the greens on first and putting the sauce on over that.  (Maybe I'll have a green pizza recipe for vegweb after this.)


I always cook the mixture before I put it on a pizza.

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