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Veggie Problem!!!!!

Hey guys, my name is Easton and I am 12 years old and have been a vegetarian for only 2 days and I have a problem. The only veggies and fruits I like are;

                                                                                       potatoes, corn, apples, peaches, peas, green beens, kidney beans, baked beans, and the occasional pear!!!! So as you can see I don't like many fruits and veggies. I would like some help on what fruits and veggies  I sould try getting used to ad how should I try them!!!!! Please help! :)

Hi Easton,

I'd start by trying things that are similar to foods you already like. So perhaps instead of potatoes, you can try sweet potatoes or yams, or other root vegetables like carrots. You might also try some other kinds of beans or legumes, such as black beans, peas, lentils, and various kinds of nuts and seeds, like peanuts, almonds, etc. In terms of fruits, you might want to try things like nectarines and plums (similar to peaches), cherries, etc. You could also try some melons, like cantaloupe, and berries, like blueberries or strawberries. Try mixing new foods together with ones you already like, and start with a small amount of the new food to see how you like it. 


One very healthy veg is the onion! I used to HATE onions! Now I put them everything. If you like baked potatoes, add a little bit of sliced green onion. (Also called scallions)  They're not hot like yellow onions. I think most veggies you have to try different ways of cooking and preparing them. Broccoli for example, I can't eat it raw or plain. It has to have some garlic or something yummy on it. Experiment with different flavors and foods. If you do make something and don't love the taste, try to it anyway. Two reasons why:

1) so it's not wasted and

2) you might find that after you try it a few times you'll learn to like the tase.

I've read that it takes 7 tries before you find out if you really like something or not. Lol sounds a little crazy but I've learned to like a lot of foods I didn't like before.

Give it a try!

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