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We have all decided this cooking challenge will begin Monday 1/9/12 and end 12 weeks later on Sunday 4/1/12.

Each week will consist of 2 ingredients and 2 themes specified below. You can use however many ingredients/ themes specified for the given week.

Example for Week 1: You could use both black beans and mango (Ingredients) and the Caribbean/ Tropical (Theme) in 1 dish or you could just make 1 dish focusing on black beans.

Try to make a dish a day if possible or hit all 4 specified items that week.

Please try to take pictures if you are able and upload them. If not, it is still ok, a recipe review works fine (But ya'll know we vegans like some food porn).

On to the List:

Week 1 (1/9/12-1/15/12): Mango, Black beans, A cookbook(s) you haven't used since going vegan, and Caribbean/Tropical
Week 2 (1/16/12-1/22/12): Miso, Shrooms, Bryanna Clark Grogan, Chinese
Week 3 (1/23/12-1/29/12): Cayenne pepper, Buckwheat, Dip/ Condiment, Ethiopian
Week 4 (1/30/12-2/5/12): Leeks, Pineapple, Fusion cuisine, Soup
Week 5 (2/6/12-2/12/12): Lentils/Split Peas/ Dried Beans, Millet, Indian, DIY Milk and Ice Cream
Week 6 (2/13/12-2/19/12): Asparagus, Tempeh, Donna Klein, Italian/ Mediterranean
Week 7 (2/20/12-2/26/12): Silken Tofu, Cashew, Isa/Terry, Latin
Week 8 (2/27/12-3/4/12): Jackfruit, Coconut, Crockpot, Moroccan
Week 9 (3/5/12-3/11/12): Cabbage, Fresh Herbs (Mint, Thai Basil, Thyme), Raw, Salad (Pasta, Kale, Coleslaw, etc)
Week 10 (3/12/12-3/18/12): Eggplant, Chile Peppers, Robin Robertson,Thai
Week 11 (3/19/12-3/25/12): Quinoa, Amaranth, Colleen Patrick G., Meatloaf/ Loaf/ Roast
Week 12 (3/26/12-4/1/12): Broccoli, Polenta, Fermented/ Pickled, Blog/Online/VWRecipes

Post your stuffs on here!

OMG YAY!!!!!

Didn't make too much this week since I was travelling:

Week 11 (3/19/12-3/25/12): Quinoa, Amaranth, Colleen Patrick G., Meatloaf/ Loaf/ Roast

For quinoa:
Balsamic Tahini Dessing from Choosing Raw:
Oh so delicious. Seriously. Make this now. My favourite combination was using it with chopped collards, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I also added quinoa, too. Yummers!
Recipe here:

For Colleen Patrick G:
Nori Wraps with Orange Cashew Cream from Color Me Vegan:
I used the orange cashew cream as the base, but halved the recipe. I didn’t find it that special and recommend this other orange cashew spread:
This was my first time making nori rolls and I found them difficult to stick together. Otherwise, I skipped the beet and added baby spinach. I liked the fresh flavours of all the veggies. It worked well with the cashew spread and avocado.


Was unable to check the site for a few days again, so dropping out of this one.  Happy that you guys kept it up though.....maybe on the so-called "new and improved website just be patient" site.


OK, as this peeters out, this is for my last week:

Week 12 (3/26/12-4/1/12): Broccoli, Polenta, Fermented/ Pickled, Blog/Online/VWRecipes

Pasta with a Creamy Avocado Sauce from Eats Well With Others, adapted from Oh She Glows
I used kelp noodles and broccoli with the avocado sauce. Really good. The avocado made it creamy, the lemon tangy and the garlic zippy. Oh, and the basil was a nice boost as well.  I liked how Joanne added warm water to hers, which made the dressing lighter. I do not normally like heavy creamy sauces, so this one was both light and creamy at the same time which was perfect. :)
Recipe here:



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