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Anyone from Sweden?

I just found out I will be spending the summer in Sweden!  Not sure exactly where, but I was wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to eat vegan over there.


Im in denmark

It is farily easy, it depends what area you will be in. has some information on different cities. You can find some nice places,Ive only been to malmo, there is a vegan chinese resturants, and alternative cafe with different meals, two places that do vegan pizza, a cafe with fake meat alternatives and a good organic store. There are many places in stockholm as well.


Thanks!  I just found out that I will be living in Stockholm, so I was hoping that as a bigger city, the options would be better there.  :)


I would think its not so difficult, i have a friend who travels there a few times a yea because of the choices.
Definately check on happycow for the resturants, I will probably travel there for the first time this year. There are also many organic shops with vegan soya meats if you are into that.
Definately get yourself a bike it will be very useful there.

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