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Baypuppy and others in New York

I live on Long Island and you recently said you buy cheap produce at your coop...I think???

Its really expensive to buy certain produce here..for example organic strawberries. Do you know somewhere that has good produce that is not so expensive  and tasty?  Occasionally I make day trips upstate...I'm a teacher so have the summer off.

I just LOVE strawberries but there on the top 12 pestcide list. I'd eat a pint a day if I could afford it.  And the tomotoes here....yuck!

I know they have farmers markets in the city...hate the city though.

I was up near woodstock last summer and had the most amazing blueberries ever and apples. Made me cry cause on long island it does not taste like that.

Any info would be great!

I live on Long Island to. Have you tried looking out east on the farms like Riverhead and so on?

Google, "Long Island farms that have organic produce". Some came up.


Thanks...I did. I saw a good one in Jamesport but thats almost an hour and half away since I live in Nassau County.  I like to go upstate in the summer so I thought maybe there was something there.  I really wish strawberries were cheaper here  and organic peaches that don't cost $6.99 a pound.

I am lucky though. I live right near Trader Joe's and and I found a vegetarian or maybe vegan chinese restaurant in Jericho called Green Melody that my boyfriend checked out and said the food was amazing and reasonably priced if your interested.  He wants to go back next week and is still talking about it...must be good!  :)


Great site for finding local farmer's markets etc etc...

I know there used to be a fantastic farmers' market on Broadway in Massapequa..not sure if they are still there or not.


Hi!  I don't have any advice on finding good Long Island produce, but I just wanted to send a shout out because I'm in ny too.  I live in the Bronx, but work in Manhattan. 

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